Fairy Underwear Set Introduction Word Encyclopedia

Fairy Underwear Set Introduction Word Encyclopedia


Interest underwear suits are an indispensable part of modern sex toys.They can make your enjoyment double and realize the dream of orphans.Interest underwear has various styles, types and shapes to meet the needs of different people.In this article, we will introduce some popular sexy underwear suits and its characteristics.

Queen series

Queen’s series of fun underwear suits usually use black and red as the main color.These sets are very particular about the details, including many embedded and metal jewelry.They are uniquely designed, elegant appearance, and have better effects in using intercourse toys.

Uniform series

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The uniform series of fun underwear suits are designed on the basis of various professional uniforms in real life.For example, public security, flight attendants, doctors, police, etc.These set details are very good, often equipped with corresponding decorations and accessories.These sets usually make people have strong fantasies and achieve the ultimate release of war hormones.

Rabbit Girl Series

The rabbit girl series of sexy underwear suits adopts a rabbit -like fluff, similar to the short skirts such as short skirts.These sets are usually pink, light blue, white and other light colors in color.They are cute and charming, and they are suitable for those who want to experience youthful and beautiful feelings.

Student girl series

The student girl series is very popular.They are usually composed of tight skirts, white shirts, socks and headdress.These sets often reflect the development curve of sexy adult gay.This erotic underwear suit feels very affinity, and it is easy to make people imagine some wonderful green scenes.

Prisoner series

The prisoner’s series of sexy underwear suits are sexy and imagined by simulation or wearing the prisoner in the cell.These clothes are usually black and white in color.It consists of high -collar clothes, loose trousers, handcuffs, etc.These sets allow you to use your imagination and enjoy the pleasure and impulse of color and violence.

Nursing series

Nurses series of fun underwear suits are usually white skirts and tops, wearing prescriptions.The details of these sets are very good, often equipped with attachments similar to headdress, pills, etc.These clothes are used in various medical places to bring people a sense of peace and safety.


Maid series

The maid series sexy underwear suit is a white robe, short skirt, apron and headband.This kind of dress makes people feel comfortable and warm, which can bring people a family feeling.

Police Series

The female police series of fun underwear suits are usually composed of black dresses, gloves, hats, etc.This sexy underwear set hinted at the ability to perform efficient execution tasks, which is extremely challenging and charm.

Secretary series

The secretary series of sexy underwear suits are usually black and white jackets and leggings.These sets are often equipped with similar gloves and handbags.These clothes imply the professionalism and influential personal image in social occasions.


The fun underwear suits of different series are suitable for different people, and they can become the perfect supplement to the toys in intercourse.After reading this article, we can find a sexy underwear suit that suits you, and use this to transfer ideas and enjoy the time of intercourse happily.