How to make your own sexy underwear simple

Self -made erotic underwear is not a difficult thing. It only needs some basic materials and a little creative to make your own sexy underwear.This article will introduce how to make sexy underwear, from selecting materials to production steps, hoping to help you make sexy underwear that is in line with your style.

Choice material

Before making sexy underwear, you must first choose the right material.It is best to choose soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.In addition, it is necessary to choose the appropriate materials to match the design, such as sequins, lace lace, silk belt, etc.Choosing a material that suits you is the first step to successfully make sexy underwear.


Because each person’s body is different, it is necessary to make a comfortable and fitted lingerie, and it needs to be tailor -made.You can use paper templates or measure your body size to make underwear.Ensure that the size and shape of the underwear conform to your body curve, and the comfort and beauty can be guaranteed.

design style

The design style is the soul of sexy underwear.When designing, you can refer to some professional sexy underwear design, or you can also design it according to your preferences.Adopting rich design elements such as color, patterns, and three -dimensional tailoring make the design of the underwear more interesting and meets sexy needs.

Choose the right tools and auxiliary materials

In order to make exquisite sexy underwear, the right tools and auxiliary materials need to be selected.A good scissors, a good needle line and a sewing machine are necessary tools.All kinds of accessories such as faces, lace, decorations, buckles, buckles, elastic bands are also required to assist in production.

Tailoring and sewing

Tailor according to the size and style of the design of the underwear.After cutting each part, sew it with a needle wire or sewing machine to make it formed.During the sewing process, pay attention to the steps of alignment, stitching, and edge to ensure the flawless underwear made.

Decorative and moisturizing

After the basic structure of the underwear is completed, it is necessary to moisturize and decorate it to improve the beauty and sexuality of the underwear.You can choose to add lace, lace, pearls and other decorations to the underwear to make the underwear more three -dimensional and beautiful.Some special craftsmanship can further improve the ornamental and charm of underwear.

Try and modify

After completing the basic structure and decoration of the underwear, you need to try it on and make necessary modifications.Pay attention to the comfort, fit and aesthetics of underwear when trying on, and modify it after confirmation.The modified underwear will fit more in line with personal preferences and needs.

Cleaning and maintenance

Self -made erotic underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained like commercially available underwear.You can use professional underwear cleaner or hand -washing, gently clean and maintain underwear to avoid destruction of materials and structures.Replace underwear regularly to maintain the quality and freshness of the underwear.

Self -made erotic underwear is an interesting and challenging thing.The design is exciting, the production is pleasant, and the final finished product meets the needs of personal needs, and can be dressed and displayed confidently.The inspiration and creativity emerged during the production process also gave us a deeper understanding of our talents.I believe you will gain more happiness and satisfaction in the process of self -made erotic underwear.

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