How to name sexy lingerie stores

How to name sexy lingerie stores

The importance of the naming of sexy underwear store

To create an attractive sexy underwear shop, not only must there be products that really attract customers, but also a attractive shop name.The name of a good -looking lingerie store not only increases the brand awareness and increases the ranking, but also part of the marketing strategy.A good store name can be converted into a brand to help merchants build a unique image.To understand the precautions naming the sexy underwear shop, your store name is more attractive.

Consider brand types and target customers

A good store name should consider the brand type and store location of the affiliated. Merchants with targets and data support can first locate the characteristics of the mother and baby of their own shops, find some local iconic buildings or historical events, and consider their related store names.At the same time as the sexy underwear shop, what is the customer group you want to attract and use the words that are suitable for them.

Use simple and easy -to -understand words

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Name your erotic underwear shop with too long vocabulary and unusual words, which will be difficult to attract customers’ interest.Therefore, combine words and words with business significance as the names you want, and convey the characteristics and personality of the store in a simple and easy -to -understand way.

Twin -level language and smart dual -style language

The name is interesting and soul, which is easier to keep people remembering it in the culture and local markets.Some of the particular merchants deliberately use the dual -style language to use the laughter and interests of people to make their names more attractive.For example, "inside", "peach -colored manor" and so on.

Emphasize brand characteristics or selling points

If you want a brand to attract customers, the store name is best related to brand characteristics.Through the characteristics of the store, emphasize the company’s selling point and let customers remember your store.For example: "Fall in love with underwear" is a good store name related to brand characteristics, or "sex PK", which is the perfect manifestation of the brand characteristics that customers can see immediately.

Proper use of vivid vocabulary

The vivid vocabulary makes people excited; it not only gives the store’s reputation, but also describes the brand with the simplest vocabulary.Create a bright store name, such as "wild scrub underwear", which makes people respect.


Most people are familiar with abbreviations and first letters; the best examples are: Gap.Like trademarks and logo, abbreviations are also a good way to keep customers often remember your brand.For example, "Y.O.U", this abbreviation retains the first letter of the original word, has evolved a new connotation.

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Different colors of shop name logos

When choosing a store name, merchants can also choose the color as a store name logo to increase the brand effect of the store.Color has high recognition and strong psychological effects.For example: pink can be used in women’s shops, white or light gray is the logo of high -end stores.

Don’t forget trademark and authorization verification

Trademark authorization is necessary. Merchants should check whether the trademark has been used before the trademark approval, or whether it is too similar to other brand trademarks.In addition, the legality of the store name must be verified on social media and registered trademarks in the area.Make sure your store name does not lead to legal disputes, and it may increase popularity as a result.

Don’t be too casual and unprofessional

Before selecting a sexy underwear store name, confirm whether it will conflict with existing trademarks, and inadvertently take the name of others.Merchants should avoid using abbreviations, pinyin, etc. that are not easy to understand or unprofessional.


A good sexy underwear store name can bring new opportunities and new business to merchants.It is easier for the names you to choose to promote and promote in the market, accurately convey your brand image, and increase reputation and brand reputation.