How to open a good lingerie Taobao shop

How to open a good lingerie Taobao shop

1. Select market positioning

Before carrying out a sexy lingerie Taobao store, you need to determine the market positioning.You can choose to prefer young women, or facing the direction of mature women.You need to clearly locate your target user positioning in order to better plan store planning.

2. Choose high -quality suppliers

In Taobao stores, the quality of the product’s supplier is crucial.You need to choose a representative brand or trader to make your products have good quality guarantee.

3. Planning unique store image

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The Taobao platform has millions of stores every year. You need to attract customers by planning unique store images.For example, planning charming shop decoration design and product display effects.

4. Pay attention to product quality

The purchase of sexy underwear products must have excellent quality, so as to gain the long -term trust of customers.You have to ensure that the products they are supplied are in line with consumer expectations and make guarantees in quality guarantee.

5. The formulation of pricing strategy

For different target user positioning, you need to develop different pricing strategies.Proper price formulation can increase the sales volume and order volume of the product, and increase the customer’s trust in stores and products.

6. Taobao platform promotion strategy

Taobao has a large number of marketing channels and promotion methods, such as Taobao live broadcast, Taobao customers, Tmall supermarkets, etc.You need to make different publicity methods for different promotional channels.

7. Improve customer conversion rate

Customer conversion rate is one of the important evaluation indicators of the store.You need to increase customer conversion rates to product conversion rate by optimizing store brand recognition and improvement of after -sales service.

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8. Pay attention to fans and attention

In the Taobao shop of sexy underwear, the accumulation of fans and attention is very important.You need to attract more fans through various means, such as discounts, gifts, etc., enhance customer loyalty, and transform fans into retired retorters.

9. Good at using secondary marketing

Secondary marketing refers to obtaining higher sales value in existing customers.You can communicate with customers through private messages, telephones, WeChat and other methods to actively recommend and introduce products to increase the duplicate order rate.

10. Strengthen team management

Operating a sexy underwear store on Taobao is very important.You need to establish a clear store goal, employee training and reward mechanism to ensure the long -term development of the store and provide customers with timely and high -quality services.

In the end, only by continuously improving the quality and always maintaining the vitality of the team can we get a good Taobao sales performance.