How to play with sex underwear how to play

How to play with sex underwear how to play

How to play with sex underwear how to play

As a kind of clothing that can add fun and sexy, sexy underwear is widely used between many couples or couples.Putting on a sexy underwear, I believe your sex experience will be more exciting and interesting.However, how to play with sex underwear is a matter of concern for many people.Below I summarize some commonly used postures for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

1. Wear sexy underwear during the foreplay

Interest underwear is not just worn in bed.During the foreplay, wearing sexy erotic underwear and let your partner feel your sexy charm, which can effectively stimulate the warmth of interest and warm up the atmosphere of sex.

2. Poison Dragon Fan

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Poison Dragon style is a gameplay of sexy underwear. It requires men to put on tight boxing shorts first, and then women wear naked sexy underwear, such as lace three -point style, and then rub each other.This posture is very exciting, can increase the passion of sex, and greatly enhance mutual understanding and communication.

3. String moon fancy

String moon fancy is a more popular sexy lingerie gameplay, which is suitable for fleshy women.Women put on a suspender sex underwear, such as the dew -back see -through style, and arched their bodies when caressing so that they can always give you dedication. This is also a very practical posture.

4. Human character drag style

This gameplay requires women to wear transparent sexy underwear, such as lace bow, etc., and use the character to drag the style as accessories, and then with high heels, it is a woman’s attractive look.This posture is suitable for two people to snuggle each other, and at the same time can also add the desire to caress about both parties.

5. Fish net fancy

Fish net fancy is a more special sexy lingerie gameplay.Women need to wear fish nets to see the most sexy parts such as belly, waist, etc., with the decoration of black lace, which is a sexy temptation.This posture allows men and women to get more skin contact, thereby enhancing the sense of stimuli of sex.

6. Perspective+vacuum fancy

Perspective fancy is a very classic sexy lingerie gameplay. Both men and women can use see -through sexy underwear as a play prop.Women put on perspective lace underwear and can see places where chest and hips are just covered.The vacuum series underwear has upgraded the perspective gameplay to the extreme without any obstruction, and the skin has more stimulation.


7. Famous detective fancy

Famous detective fancy is a relatively novel sexy lingerie gameplay.Women with mysterious black color sexy underwear and famous detective tools that reveal the truth, such as paper towel boxes for modern kitchen, can make this game a sex game.Both men and women can increase interest and stimulus through role -playing.

8. Jellyfish fancy

Jellyfish fancy is a very beautiful posture. It requires women to wear transparent crystal lace sexy underwear. The waist needs to be tied with specially designed items to realize the feeling of jellyfish.This fancy can fully mobilize men’s visual senses and make sex more crazy.

In general, the gameplay is strange and weird, and endless creativity can meet your various needs and fantasies in sex.However, before using sexy underwear, you must consider your own conditions and physical indicators, and avoid physical injuries or healthy damage due to excessive pursuit of stimulation.