How to talk to children with fun jackets

How to talk to children with fun jackets

How to talk to children with fun jackets

Children will naturally become curious about the world in the process of growth, one aspect is curious about sex.For parents, sex education is very important, but in the process of telling sex education, some problems also let parents do not know how to speak.How to talk to children about fun underwear?This article will give 8 solutions that are gradually explained.

1. What is sexy sheets

Interest underwear is a diverse underwear style, and its design and material make it more sexy and attractive.Different from basic underwear, they usually have flowers or lace embellishments, and the colors will be more bold.The design of this underwear pays more attention to the sexy and tendency of visual. At the same time, they also provide more choices for sexual life.For many wearers, erotic underwear means a kind of enjoyment, a feeling that is closer to self -identification.

2. Why don’t your parents recognize

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Maybe your parents think that sexy underwear is inappropriate, but this does not mean that they are dissatisfied with you, but because they are worried about your age and psychological state.You have to tell them that sexy underwear is a private enjoyment between adults. Due to age and gender restrictions, children should avoid cognition and contact.

3. It is related to the age of the children

At all stages of children’s growth, we need to take different methods to talk about sexy underwear.At the stage of childhood, parents can tell their children to guide them to understand things around them; in adolescence, they can discuss specific cases with children, such as sexy underwear products displayed on online advertising.These appropriate discussions will be more beneficial and can make children look more rationally looking at sex underwear.

4. Provide scientific and serious information

Facing children’s curiosity about sexy underwear, parents need to provide scientific and serious information.We need to tell children that the appearance of sexy underwear is to meet the personal taste needs of adults, and they have nothing to do with gender equality and respect for education.We need to tell children that sex is a way of natural physiological needs and pleasure, but rights and freedom also need to strengthen norms.

5. Interest underwear is not an immoral direction

For children, thinking about the relationship between sexy underwear in morality is a bad thing.We need to tell them that sexy underwear is not an immoral direction. For adults, choosing and trying all kinds of sexy lingerie styles is a completely helpless personal choice.

6. Children need to pay attention to privacy protection

When the children reach the more independent age, they may come into contact with the online sexy underwear product advertisement.In this case, parents need to remind their children to pay attention to privacy protection, and do not fill in personal information at will.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the guidance and supervision of children to prevent them from leaking their personal information prematurely.

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7. Acquire principles in family exchanges

No matter what age, children who need to comply with the corresponding principles in family exchanges.For young children, we should take a short, clear and unreasonable language to talk about problems; for adult children, we must respect their views and reflect the principles of love and gender equality in the speech.View.

8. Encourage the idea of openness and freedom

In the process of talking about sexy underwear, we can encourage children to maintain the idea of openness and freedom.Tell children that their cognitive level is very important, don’t doubt your heart frequency.Only this open and free thought can let children gradually get rid of anxiety on sexual issues and explore the real needs of the heart.


It is necessary to educate children and let them explore themselves in their own way.In the process of providing sexual knowledge related knowledge, parents need to understand and think more about the meaning of sex education, and actively guide them to help children live every stage.