Hypnostic beauty wears a fun underwear novel

Background introduction

This is a dark night story.Some beauties at the party discussed to play a game, and one of the beauties proposed to try hypnosis.Another beauty expressed her knowledge of hypnosis, and she started her performance now.

The first task: wear sexy underwear

The hypnotist asked the beauties to change their clothes and provide various types of sexy underwear for five minutes.After a period of sales, the beauties decided to try to wear sexy underwear.One of the beauties tried a pink and sexy underwear full of emotions, gentle, comfortable, and comfortable.

The second task: desire strengthens

The hypnotist told them that after wearing a sexy lingerie, the desire would be strengthened. Beauty thought it was not a problem.However, from that moment, they began to become sexy, passionate, and longing for love, and their eyes became confused and deep.The beauty of the pink underwear became passionate and burned, and she couldn’t wait to find a satisfaction.

The third task: Find the encounter

The hypnotist told the beauties that they would meet their true emperors and must actively look for them.This made the beauties more excited. They wondered why it must be a man?The hypnotist answered, you can be homosexual, of course, it is not.

The fourth task: meet him

The beauty began to go out to find their true emperor.The beautiful woman in the pink underwear began to look for in the bar. She saw a cool man who found his restrained, gentle and enthusiastic from his simple appearance.Subsequently, they were obsessed with the enthusiasm of love and carnivated all night.

Fifth task: memories beautiful

The next day, the beauties recalled their experience last night and shared each other.The beauty of the pink underwear said that her heart became full of passion, and she felt like she was a new life.They shared their experiences and feelings, and laughter and joy overflowed in this room.

Sixth task: game of power

On the last night of the party, these beauties became more indulgent, and they felt the highest pleasure and strength.They simply tried to use hypnosis, control other people’s behavior, and even excluded those who were unwilling to participate.They enjoy the pleasure in this process, but also triggered unpredictable consequences.

Seventh task: find balance

The consequences of their hypnosis control gradually exposed, making them feel fear and regret.They want to return to their carefree life, but they cannot forget the spiritual stimulus, satisfaction of lust, and the release of passion.They began to find a way to restore balance.

Eighth task: salvation of the soul

The beauty gradually learned the truth of the novel. It turned out that the hypnotist was also one of them. She designed the party so that she and the men she pursued could get more sexual experience and emotional stimulus.The beauty of the pink underwear found herself in a huge game, and she was deceived and used, so she started trying to relieve herself.


After a series of thrills and twists and turns, the beauties gradually realized the fact that they were hypnotized, decided to rebuild their lives and re -gain their inner freedom.But this party also taught them: Emotional and physical happiness is just a weak redemption given by fate. Only the freedom of the soul and the independence of thoughts are the happiness of people’s truly pursuing.

Don’t be confused by hypnosis. Only by thinking independently can you truly grasp your life.

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