I bought a sexy underwear and was scolded

1 Introduction

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become the public’s attention as a fashion trend. They often regard it as a private sexy art and proud of their unique beauty.However, when buying sexy underwear, some people will be questioned and reprimanded by the outside world, and they are ridiculed and accused by others.This article will explore why buying sex underwear will be scolded.

2. Religious and culture restrictions

In some religions and cultural backgrounds, sex and physical beauty are a taboo topic.Therefore, many people have made negative evaluations of people wearing sexy underwear in public.This view makes people feel ashamed and depressed, and even at some point is condemned by morality.

3. Marketing strategy

As a fashion product, sexy underwear requires a series of marketing strategies to attract consumers’ attention. These strategies may cause some controversy and make the market image of sex underwear more complicated.For example, using excessive sexual hints and exposure in some advertisements, this will cause people to have a negative impression that is too advanced, vulgar and vulgar.

4. Society’s expectations for standard figure

Because society’s aesthetic standards for women’s figure have been constantly changing and improving, more and more women want to show their physical advantages by wearing fun underwear, but this often faces excessive criticism from external pressure and excessive criticism.This phenomenon makes many people choose to avoid wearing sexy underwear to avoid negative evaluations and labels.

5. The price and quality of sexy underwear

The price and quality of sexy underwear are important factor affecting people’s purchases. The price may be a major factor affecting consumers’ purchase.If the price is too high, consumers may think that sexy underwear is not worth buying so much, or they will refuse to buy to avoid contempt of others.In terms of quality, if manufacturers produce and sell products that are inferior and do not meet the requirements of ergonomic engineering, then buyers will feel unreliable quality, which will affect their confidence in erotic underwear.

6. Private life is made public

Wearing sexy underwear is a very personal thing for many women. If it is made public on the Internet, or is seen by friends, family or colleagues, it will bring great embarrassment and troubles.In some cases, this behavior may be considered decent or too exposed, which is condemned and negatively evaluated by others.

7. There are no suitable occasions to wear sexy underwear

Because of the special nature of sexy underwear, it is not suitable for all occasions.For example, wearing sexy underwear in public places (such as office, shops, schools, etc.) may cause people’s attention and eyes, which may correspond to the wearer cause trouble and embarrassment.Therefore, even people who love and erotic underwear must choose suitable clothing according to the occasion.

8. Different personal aesthetics and values

It is also related to the different concepts of personal aesthetics and values when buying sex underwear.In the eyes of everyone, the understanding of sex and beauty may not be the same. If you cannot get rid of yourself from the thoughts of others, it will be difficult to really enjoy the fun brought by sexy underwear.

9. Summary issues

Do you have to face the accusations of the outside world?Everyone’s heart has a desire to express. As long as they do not hurt others and do not violate social norms, they should bravely express and strengthen their attitude.Wearing a sexy underwear should be a feeling of being comfortable and relaxing, rather than being forced to do something.

10. Output view

Those who wear sex underwear can also be an artistic expression and fashion trend. As long as it involves morality and social norms, it must have its own boundaries and principles.When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you should choose the style that suits you according to your interests and needs, and respect the choice of others, and face this fashion with a positive and healthy attitude.

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