I want to make sexy underwear

I want to make sexy underwear

The production process of sexy underwear

If you want to make sexy lingerie, you must first understand the specific process of production.There are many production processes of sexy underwear, but it can be roughly divided into steps such as design, version, cutting, and car seams.Published according to the design drawings, then cut it according to the version, and then process the cut parts, embroidery and other processing, and finally complete the sexy underwear.

Choose the right fabric

The comfort and visual effect of sexy underwear depends to a large extent on the selected fabric.The fabric should be soft, breathable, comfortable, elastic.According to different styles and needs, you can choose different types of fabrics.Such as silk, lace, cotton and linen, polyester fiber, etc.

Fine cutting skills

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Fine tailoring is the key to making sexy underwear. Good cutting skills can make the sexy underwear more personal and more beautiful.When cutting, cut according to the curve of the human body to accurately grasp the size and length.

Sewing skills

Sewing skills are also an important skill in the process of making underwear.When sewing, pay attention to the use of dual, three -line and elastic lines, and pay attention to the flatness and aesthetics of the suture site.

Selection of accessories

The selection of accessories is also an important part of making sexy underwear.Different styles require different accessories, such as hook buckles, shoulder straps, zippers, etc.In addition to functionality, the selected accessories should also meet the overall design and style requirements.

Show of temperament charm

The design of sexy underwear is inspired by the temperament and charm of women, so showing that the feminine temperament is an indispensable element when making sexy underwear.For different people and needs, the design of sexy underwear can have different focus, such as sexy, cute, mature, etc.

Create of brand taste

Nowadays, there are more sexy underwear brands as stars, and the creation of brand taste has become the key to its success.The brand taste needs to be constructed from design, quality, service, publicity and other aspects, and reflects the brand’s characteristics and personality.

Sexy Lingerie

Market consideration

Interest underwear is both an art and a business.Market considerations are part that cannot be ignored in the process of making fun underwear.Determine style, color, fabrics, etc. according to market demand.At the same time, pay attention to price factors, different people have different consumption levels.

Service protection

Sexy underwear has high requirements for the human body, so the guarantee of service is also a part that cannot be ignored during the production of sexy underwear.Service guarantees include maintenance, after -sales, etc. These services will directly affect the brand’s reputation.


In short, the production of sexy underwear requires superb skills and grasp of feminine temperament.Not only an art, but also a business.The innovative design of sex lingerie and the creation of brand taste will determine its future market position.At the same time, the improvement of service quality is also a part that cannot be ignored in the production process of sexy underwear. Only a comprehensive service guarantee can gain the trust of customers.