Is it highly risky to sell sexy underwear? Video

Background introduction

With the opening of society and the gradually liberation of people’s sexual concepts, sexy underwear has become an emerging product in the market.In recent years, more and more merchants have begun to enter this industry, and many people want to open a sexy underwear shop, but soon facing some problems, such as risk issues. NextEssence

Competitive pressure

In the market, there are more and more interesting underwear stores, and competition is becoming more and more intense.The competition of the brand and the competition of similar products will put pressure on small sexy underwear stores to a certain extent.

Difficult management

Interest underwear is a product that requires selection and purchases under the guidance of professionals. There are also some tricky customers who need the store to solve the problem.Therefore, it is necessary to have certain professional knowledge. For novice stores, management is difficult and the maintenance costs are high.

Legal Risk

The market involved in sex underwear is not just young people. The niche market is relatively sensitive. Stores need to pay attention to legal issues, such as consumer complaints, sales control, and regularly organize employee training to reduce their own risks.

Product standardization

The market for sex underwear is relatively small, and the reputation of good or bad is relatively obvious, so the store needs to consider the problem of standardization, such as actively understanding the situation of the market, regular investigation, improving product quality, quickly follow -up market demand, and maintaining brand image.To improve competitiveness.


The market for sex underwear is easily invaded by junk advertising and false propaganda. Therefore, the store needs to improve its ability to judge, get inferior products, and timely make consumers understand it, so as to improve the integrity of the market and sell it more.good.

Online and offline market

With the rise of online sales, there are more online sales opportunities in sex underwear, but the competition in the online market is more intense. It needs to do a good job of product research and provide good services.At the same time, offline is also important, and stores will become an important part of cultivating customers.


The store needs to consider staff recruitment and propaganda. The sexy underwear store requires high professional quality clerks. For personnel recruitment and training, the introduction, training and development of professionals need to be considered.Good personnel help the store’s operation.

risk control

Risks always exist. The store needs to formulate risk control plans to continuously study and summarize operating risks and market risks, and to avoid the impact of risks in a timely manner, so that the operation of the store has become healthier and mature.


There is a certain risk of selling fun underwear, which requires stores to discuss solutions.The stores that operate in sex underwear must first have a understanding of the market, the investigation of resources to the formulation of marketing strategies, and continuously correct the business strategy. At the same time, it is necessary to integrate high -quality field resources, improve service quality, and ensure market competitiveness.

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