The first time I buy a sexy underwear experience experience

The first time I buy a sexy underwear experience experience

1. Do enough homework

Before buying sexy underwear, I did a lot of homework and browsed the recommendations and user evaluation of major websites.I also consulted a few friends to understand their views and experiences of different types of sexy underwear.

2. Determine your own needs

After doing enough homework, I realized that the primary purpose of buying sexy underwear is to stimulate interest and improve the quality of sexual life.Therefore, I need to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for myself and comfortable.

3. Understand size and material

It is very important to understand the size and material when buying sexy underwear.I first measured my body size, and then found the most suitable size for myself.In terms of materials, I chose the soft fabric of the skin to better adapt to my body.

4. Select style and color

I chose a sexy and emotional style, with a variety of colors such as black, red and purple to give myself more choices.

5. Details

Interest underwear is not only a manifestation of appearance, but also needs to consider some small details.I have selected sexy underwear with good design and good details, such as stitching details and streamlined tailoring.

6. Purchase location and method

When buying a sexy underwear, I chose a credible website.Before placing an order, I also communicated with customer service some questions and got satisfactory answers.

7. Disassembling and trial

After receiving the sexy underwear, I opened it carefully and checked it carefully.Then I started trying on.When I tried it, I felt like I became a charming woman.

8. Use experience

After many use, I deeply realize the role of sexy underwear: stimulate the taste between me and my partner, and improve the quality of sexual life.I also found that sexy underwear is also very helpful for improving women’s self -confidence.

9. Maintenance and cleaning

In order to ensure the life and hygiene of sexy underwear, I carefully learned how to clean and maintain them correctly.After use, I will use special cleaning agents and water to clean and disinfect to ensure their quality.

10. Summary

Although the first time I bought sexy underwear is a bit exciting, it also needs to be fully prepared.From choosing styles, color to understanding materials and size, to subsequent cleaning and maintenance, every step needs to be careful.In addition, I have to emphasize the biggest role of sexy underwear again to stimulate interest and add more fun to sexual life.

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