The heroine wears a sex lingerie Do

The heroine wears a sex lingerie Do

In modern society, women’s demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, which has become an indispensable part of family life and sex.With the assistance of sexy underwear, women can show their figure more confidently and realize the passion orgasm in sex.However, women seem to be good at the choice and matching of sexy underwear.Therefore, this article will introduce you how to choose and match a sexy sexy underwear.

1. Choose a size suitable for you

First of all, the size is very important when choosing a sexy underwear.Excessive or small underwear can make the figure appear imbalance and imperfect.Therefore, it is necessary to correctly measure your bust and waist circumference and buy underwear that meets your size.So as to achieve the effect of perfecting your body.

2. Choose the color and material that is more suitable for you

Secondly, color and material are also the key to choosing sexy underwear.Underwear with black, red, purple and other colors is usually more likely to cause people’s sexual interest, but if you have white skin, you can choose pink or light yellow, which looks fresher and full of girly.Regarding the material, cotton and lace materials are relatively comfortable and breathable, sexy and elegant.

3. Choose a style that suits you

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and different styles are suitable for different occasions.For example, three -point underwear is suitable for wearing a romantic night. Bra and underwear are usually suitable for daily life, while stewardess and nurse pretend are suitable for role -playing.Therefore, when buying underwear, you must choose the style that suits you according to the specific situation.

4. Different aesthetics of men and women

The aesthetics of men and women are different. Women pay more attention to details, while men like sexy design.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you can choose the aesthetics of men and women to achieve the best results.Of course, your feelings and self -confidence are more important than anything else.

5. How to choose a solid color style

Although the solid color style seems simple, it is actually particular.This style of underwear can choose a simple and generous design, which can be a super small triangular cloth or a shallow simple bra.This style of underwear pays more attention to the effects of wearing shows and waist.

6. The next installation must be more concerned

The lower dress is also very important for sexy underwear. The briefs and T -shaped pants that can modify the hip curve can make the curve more prominent and show the sexy temperament of women.In addition, when choosing the next load, you must also consider whether the color, material and style of the upper dress are matched.

Seven, the choice of shoulder straps

Many women ignore the choice of bands when choosing underwear, but in fact, the detail design of the shoulder strap will directly affect the body effect.The thinner straps can look longer on the shoulders, while the wider band can tighten a good tightening of the shoulders to make yourself more beautiful.

8. The chest shape determines the choice of the bra

Different women’s chest shapes are different, so choosing different bras is very important for each woman.For plump women, there are some sealing designs that can fully support the breasts and make the breasts look more beautiful.For women with small chests, you can choose smaller corsets and underwear to make your chest fuller.

Nine, alternative underwear is fashionable

Fashionable women are always pursuing novelty and alternative underwear. This underwear can be exposed or unable to match accessories. However, for sex and life, this underwear is usually the basic model.

10. The best underwear that is suitable for you is the best

In the end, in any case, the underwear suitable for your own is the best underwear.The suggestions and opinions of others can be referred to, but the final decision must be based on their own feelings.


Underwear that is suitable for you is the best underwear. You must choose according to your comfort and personal preferences, and you can consider the aesthetics of men and women to choose a more sexy underwear.At the same time, comprehensive consideration should be made according to your body and occasion, color, color and material.

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