Large -scale sexy underwear show abroad


Sex underwear is a special underwear designed in order to increase visual stimuli and interest, which is widely used in the sexual supplies industry.And the proportion of sexy underwear abroad in the industry is very high, and a variety of large -scale sexy underwear has frequently appeared in large -scale sexy underwear shows. Let’s take a look at it together.

European and American sexy underwear show

European and American countries are famous for their sexual openness, and sexual products such as sexy underwear are also widely popular in these countries.On the sexy underwear show in Europe and the United States, you can see a variety of styles, including low -cut skirts, transparent conjoined socks, and even additional sexy underwear with various toys.

Australian sex underwear show

The Australian sex lingerie show is known for its sexy sex, and often invites models and designers from various places to participate.On the Australian erotic underwear show, models often display various super bold designs on the T -type platform, such as the sexy underwear and lace edges with beads and transparent conjoined socks.

Japanese sexy underwear show

As a large producer of sexual products in the world, Japan also has a high level in sexy underwear.In the Japanese sexy lingerie show, not only the youthful Japanese beautiful girls are competing, but also the sexy underwear of various types of innovative design, such as crazy colors and mysterious patterns.

French sex lingerie show

French sex lingerie show is known for its unique design and superb craftsmanship.In the French erotic underwear show, the audience can see a variety of complex tailoring and translucent fabrics, such as black pendies and long socks with ancient religious jewelry.

German sex underwear show

The German erotic underwear show is considered the most quality. Models participating in the sex lingerie show must meet the figure standards, and they need to pass various strict trials and performance tests.On the German sexy underwear show, bold design is rarely seen, but you can see exquisite handicrafts and high -quality materials.

Italian erotic underwear show

Italy’s sexy underwear show is considered synonymous with fashion and sexy, and they will also see them at fashion weeks.On the Italian erotic underwear show, the designer focuses on the perfect outline and lines, as well as luxurious decoration.The open -shoulder long skirt and hot pants embellished with gemstones are the representative of the Italian sex lingerie show.

American erotic underwear show

American sex lingerie shows are mainly sexy, charming and avant -garde, and often have various strange themes and designs.In the US sexy underwear show, you can see the mix and match of various materials, such as the combination of silk and denim cloth, and huge feathers and leather decorations.

Russian erotic underwear show

Russian sexy underwear show is based on the theme of retro, focusing on the edge and fancy hooks.On the Russian erotic underwear show, you can see a variety of gorgeous furnishings and complex fabrics, such as large bow knots and sequins.

Canadian sexy underwear show

The Canadian sexy lingerie show has avant -garde and artisticness, and designers focus on advanced texture and practicality.On the Canadian sexy underwear show, you can see a variety of grids, grids, and diamond patterns. Most of the designs are biased towards simple, natural and practical.


The sexy underwear show in each country has its own unique charm, which also gives sexy underwear enthusiasts a wider choice.Whether it is simple, practical or gorgeous, everyone can find their own taste and personality when choosing a sexy underwear they like.

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