Male lead wearing a sexy jacket

Male lead wearing a sexy jacket

Male lead wearing a sexy jacket

When people mention sexy underwear, they naturally think of women.But in fact, sexy underwear is not only a patent of women, but men can try to wear sexy underwear in the process of sex.What kind of experience will the actor bring in sexy underwear?This article will introduce the feelings of the actor’s sexy underwear and the suggestion of choosing sexy underwear.

Fairy underwear material suitable for men

1. Cotton fabric

For men who have tried sexy underwear for the first time, cotton fabrics are the safest and most comfortable choices.Not only that, the cotton fabric is breathable, which can avoid excessive sweat to increase the discomfort of wearing.

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2. Silk fabric

For men who want to be more romantic, the sexy underwear of silk fabrics with good texture is a good choice.This material feels soft and smooth, what makes people feel pure and clean.

3. Lace fabric

For men who want to be more sexy and naked, the sexy underwear of lace fabrics is an excellent choice.The sexy underwear of this material is very sensitive.Just touch it gently, you can feel the softness, delicate and sexy of lace.

Fairy underwear style suitable for men

1. Women’s bra, underwear

Men can choose a set of sexy underwear similar to women’s bra and underwear to increase the fun of sex.This sexy underwear can make men more psychologically happier, and it can also make women feel more excited about men.

2. Wind pants

Men can choose this sexy underwear. It can improve the inner excitement of men, allow men to accelerate blood circulation and improve the quality of sex in sex.Winding the air pants can reduce the opportunities of sweat production and odor, making people feel more comfortable.


3. shorts

Men can increase the inner feelings of men and increase the charm of men when wearing shorts and sexy underwear.Its design is simple but very sexy. Men’s wearing such sex underwear will definitely bring a better sex experience.

Fairy underwear color suitable for men

1. Black

Black is the most common sexy underwear color, and it is also one of the most commonly chosen sexy underwear colors for men.This color can bring strong visual effects, and at the same time can also express sexy charm and majesty.

2. Red

If you want to find more passion in the process of sex, then choose red love underwear!Red is the color of passion, desire, strength, and fierce representative.If you want to experience your sexual ability, using red sexy underwear can easily help you achieve this goal.

3. Blue

Blue is a relatively quiet and quiet color.If you want to get more calm and convergence in the process of sex, then choose blue sex underwear!This color allows you to be more alert, calm and rational in the process of sex.

Different experiences of men wearing sexy underwear

1. Feel tightness

Men’s sexy underwear will fit the body more, allowing men to experience a kind of tightness.This feeling can directly allow men to experience more physical reactions and positions.If you want to try more positions in the process of sex, try to put on sexy underwear!

2. Increase physical beauty

If you want to make your body more beautiful, then you can try to wear sexy underwear.This underwear allows men to be more confident and sexy in the process of sex, and maximize the beauty of the body.

3. Increase women’s curiosity

Wearing sexy underwear like a woman may make women have great curiosity.Women will want to know why men wear sexy underwear to produce more eager and fatalism in the process of sex.At the same time, it can make women psychologically closer and easy to accept men.

in conclusion

Men’s sexy underwear can not only increase the fun of sex, but also feel a different sex response from women.Different erotic underwear materials, styles and colors can bring greatly different feelings.Wearing sex underwear can allow men to get different experiences and experiences in the process of sex, which is an interesting attempt.Do you have any ideas?