Process and production of sexy underwear processes

Process and production of sexy underwear processes

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear. With its sexy, playful design style and super visual impact, it is a kind of underwear that women like.So, how is sexy underwear made?The following is the processing process of sexy underwear.


Before making sexy underwear, workers need to prepare materials and tools.The materials include fabrics, loose powder, lace, jewelry, etc.The tools include sewing machines, cutting knives, and hot melt rubber guns.

Cutting fabric

First of all, starting from the large fabrics, the workers use cutting knives to cut the shape of different components according to the design drawings.The tailoring of the fabric must be accurate, otherwise it will affect the quality of the entire underwear.


The ground cloth is a kind of inner cloth of sexy underwear, which usually uses transparent, flesh -colored or black fiber materials.Workers need to use a sewing machine to seal the internal sewing to flatten the internal structure.


Next, the workers will be rationally matched the prepared fabrics according to the design drawings, and use the sewing machine to squeeze them out.Different types of underwear require different processes, so when suture, you need to pay attention to the order and method of suture.

Back buckle installation

Workers connect their back buckles with underwear by sewing and pressing, so that they can firmly fix the back when wearing.


Some artistic and sexy sexy lingerie will be decorated with lace to increase the visual aesthetics of underwear.Lace processing requires manual sewing, which is relatively cumbersome.

Loose powder spray

For some sexy underwear that needs to increase cups or shaping effects, workers need to spray loose powder inside the underwear.This step needs to be cautious because excessive loose powder will affect the comfort when wearing.


After completing the bread and sewing of the underwear noodles, the workers need to assemble various components and accessories on the underwear.For example, ball buckle, loop, decorative ribbon, lace edges, etc.


Workers will carefully trim the unnecessary line heads and other things, making the surface of the underwear look clean and tidy.

in conclusion

The above is the processing process of making sexy underwear.The most important thing for making sexy underwear is the fine production technology to ensure that they are fashionable, sexy and comfortable.During the production process, we must handle each detail carefully to ensure the best product.

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