Restricted clothing bundle sexy underwear tuning

Restricted clothing bundle sexy underwear tuning

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and restraint is a special one.Its color, style, and material have their own advantages, but the most conspicuous feature is that it can restrain the wearer together, stimulate interest, and achieve the effect of tuning.Below, let’s learn about the relevant knowledge and skills of restrained clothing binding sexy underwear training.

1. Introduction to restraint clothes

Restrictions are a sexy underwear that can tightly restraint the body of the wearer.Unlike traditional sexy underwear, restraint clothes generally use softer and comfortable materials, and there are multiple styles to choose from.In addition, it also has an obvious characteristic, that is, restrictions can be applied to make the wearer’s body unable to move and achieve the effect of tuning sex.

2. Types of restraint clothes

There are many types of restraints that can be seen on the market. Here we list several common styles.

1. Leather restraint: This style uses leather or imitation leather material, which has a more textured appearance and has a strong sense of restraint behind the upper body.

2. Velvete restraint clothes: This style is softer than the leather restraint clothes, and the elastic band is more tender. It is very comfortable to touch and does not irritate the skin.

3. Transparent restraint clothing: The first two styles may pay more attention to surface effects, while transparent restraint clothes directly present its effect in front of people.This style can more flexibly selectively show the body parts you want to show.

Third, the role of restraint clothes

The most fundamental reason for the endless restraint in the market is that it can greatly enhance the flirting experience of sex by achieving the degree of restraint that gradually strengthens.For different people, the effect of restraint may also have the same work, mainly the following two points.

1. Training: Many people like to play the desire to dominate during sex, and the restrained clothing provides a very ideal tool for this. Using it, we can develop different rules to command wearers and complete psychological training.

2. Stimulation: In addition to the sense of restraint, the texture and color of the restraint clothes are also very sharp, which can better stimulate interest and make sex more exciting.

4. Precautions for wearing restrained clothes

You need to pay attention to several aspects when wearing restraints to avoid accidents in the process of enjoying sex.

1. Wear time: As we all know, people’s bodies cannot always be in the same posture. If the wearing time is too long, it is easy to make the wearer feel stiff, and at the same time bring oppression and damage to the bones and bones.Therefore, you need to pay attention to time when wearing.

2. Require before loosening: Some problems may occur when loosening, and some stiffness may occur in the body.Therefore, proper warm -up before loosening to prevent the body from being affected.

5. How to use the restraint clothes

Take a Trojan as an example. This is the most common device in restraint. It can be used to stimulate interest and increase physical desire. You need to pay attention to the following points when using.

1. Safe thinking: use in a safe environment, do not use excessive use, and do not excessive oppression of internal organs.During use, we must communicate and coordinate with the other party to prevent unnecessary harm.

2. Appropriate amount of stimulation: When using restraint clothes, pay attention to the right amount of stimulation to avoid excessiveness. You can do it by gradually aggravating the burden to avoid suddenly increasing stress and causing uncomfortable wearer.

Six, storage of restraint clothes

For the storage of restraint, avoiding the breeding of bacteria and dirt is the key.Pay attention to the following points during the storage process.

1. Regular cleaning: Do not want to leave bacteria in clothes, it is best to clean it regularly and keep it clean.

2. Try to dry: The clothes are soaked in the wet and placed in the wardrobe. It is easy to breed mold and maggots, and keep as dry as possible when stored.

7. Precautions for restrained clothing binding sexy underwear training

Stimulating clothes binding sexy underwear is a relatively advanced skill. There are some things to pay attention to. Let’s list it.

1. Communication must be in place: When conducting such technical training, you need to pay more attention to communication with your partner.

2. Dangerous movements should not be easily tried: including the seemingly safe behavior in imagination, you need to pay attention, especially when tie your head and neck and other key parts, you must not be careful, you must be cautious.

3. Learn to release: During the loosening process, you also need to pay attention to slowing down. We must not let the wearer suddenly restore freedom.

8. Summary view

Understanding the relevant knowledge and skills of restrained clothing binding sexy underwear can make us more fully understand the types, functions, use, storage, etc. of restraint clothes.In actual operation, we also need to pay attention to issues such as safety, communication, and loosening.Restrictions are undoubtedly a sexy toy that makes people’s heartbeat accelerated. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of safety.

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