School on the same desk wear sexy underwear

School on the same desk wear sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear. Its style, material, and design are very different, which can make people more sexy.In recent years, sexy underwear has become one of the essential items for fashion women.However, it is embarrassing that sometimes we accidentally see others wearing sexy underwear in public, such as schooling in sex underwear on the table.What should I do at this time?Here are some suggestions.

Keep calm

Seeing school clothes at the same table, sometimes there are some surprises and embarrassing emotions.But we have to learn to keep calm, which is the first step in dealing with this situation.Don’t let your emotional fluctuation affect the emotions of the same table.

Respect the privacy of others

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The wearing of sexy underwear is private behavior, and we should respect the privacy of others.Do not judge the behavior of wearing sexy underwear at the same table, let alone talk about this public.If your table is not a very close friend, you should avoid asking him/her any questions about sexy underwear.

Don’t sneak shots

If you see school clothes at the same table, do not sneak shots.This behavior is extremely immoral and leads to serious consequences.If you want to leave a photo because of curiosity, you must also be carried out after obtaining the consent of the same table.

His emotional processing

If you really can’t control your emotions, you can talk to friends in private.But please note that it is a process that requires skills. You need to seize the opportunity and find a person who is willing to listen, instead of chaotic.

Learn not to say anything

Sometimes we don’t need to say that we can let others know our attitude.For example, when we see the same desk school wearing sexy underwear, we can do not explain too much. As long as we look at the same table for a few seconds, we can tell our attitude at the same table.But be careful not to use this expression in a hostile mentality.

keep distance

If you really can’t eliminate the curiosity of wearing a fun underwear at the same table, you can choose to keep the distance.For example, avoid playing with mobile phones, flipping books, etc. to reduce the chance of peeping.


Respect difference

Different people have different values, aesthetics and behavior habits, and we should respect this difference.Do not attack and discriminate against each other because you wear sexy underwear on the table, let alone a personal attack.

Don’t open your mouth and ask "Why do you wear a fun underwear"

This is a very impolite issue, especially in public.What underwear you need to wear at the same table is not what you need to know, nor does it affect your life.Therefore, don’t ask this question casually.

Look at the actual situation

Different situations need to be treated differently.For example, when we wear sexy underwear at the same desk, if the occasion is more formal, we must pay more attention to our behavior.If it is in a small group, we can properly imply our attitude through verbal or non -verbal ways.Similarly, if the sexy underwear style wearing at the same table is relatively different, we must also respect the choices of others, don’t complain or comment.


It is just a small episode in life.If we can maintain an open attitude and treat this issue rationally, I believe our lives will become richer and diverse.