Sexy underwear and bikini

The difference between sexy underwear and bikini

Interest underwear and bikini are both underwear often used in daily life.But there are many differences between them, including styles, uses, materials, etc.Let’s compare the sexy underwear and bikini in detail.


Sex underwear is usually bold, sexy, and avant -garde, focusing on design styles and shapes.Bikini is a costume with traditional stereotypes, with a fixed shape and dressing method.


The material of sexy underwear is generally soft, comfortable, elastic silk, satin, lace, etc.Bikinis are mostly tulle or cotton fabrics commonly in summer.The choice of the two is very different.


Sex underwear is generally used for private moments or lover, and it will enhance emotion and sexual interest in visual and touch.Bikini is a swimming clothing that women wear in public, which has hidden functions to protect privacy.

Way of wear

Interest underwear and bikini are also very different in the way of dressing.Interest underwear is generally sexy, and you need to dress with makeup and hairstyles to look good.Bikini does not require such a mandatory way of dressing, and dress is more casual.

For people

Interest underwear is suitable for lover, emphasizing sexy and ambiguous.Bikini is suitable for ordinary people, and it is more like a sense of relaxation and freedom.The two applicable people are different.


Due to the manufacturing process and material reasons, sexy underwear is generally higher.Bikini is one of the more commonly covered clothing in the market, so the price is relatively low.


You need to pay attention to the size of a sexy underwear. The size should be accurate, and try not to buy products that are too tight.Bikini needs to consider your body and complexion, and choose the style and color that suits you.


In summary, there are many differences between sexy underwear and bikini, including styles, uses, materials, wearing methods, applicable people and prices.We can choose the underwear that suits them according to our needs, occasions, body and other factors.When you wear what kind of underwear is our own choice.

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