Sexy underwear beauty silicone doll production

Sexy underwear beauty silicone doll production

What is sexy underwear beauty silicone doll?

Sexy underwear beauty silicone puppet is a fine simulation human shape, which is usually made of silicone material.This puppet is often used as a visual effect of sexy toys and adult horror movies, and can vividly simulate real -life gestures and physical characteristics.

Fun underwear beauty silicone doll market demand

The demand for sexy underwear beauty silicone dolls is increasing, mainly because it can satisfy people’s fantasies and desires, bringing stimuli and pleasure to people.Especially in the sales of various sex products, sexy lingerie beauty silicone dolls are widely popular and become a emerging market.

The process of making sexy underwear beauty silicone dolls

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The production of sexy underwear beauty silicone dolls requires a certain time and technology, usually includes the following steps:

Determine the mold and tools, make a model or print the shape through a 3D printer.

Make molds, usually use silicone materials and enhanced gypsum and other materials to soak the model.

Prepare the silicone material, and tailor it according to the demand of the mold size and shape.

Apply the silicone material in the mold evenly, and use a fixed band or a pressure machine to screen the air.

CICC is performed in the oven, and the time is about 2-4 hours until the silicone has hardly hardened.

Take out the silicone puppet from the mold and perform exhaust, so that its appearance is more real.

Details such as coloring, makeup and hairstyle design make the silicone puppet achieve more beautiful results.

The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear beauty silicone dolls

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The advantages of sexy underwear beauty silicone dolls include:

It can realize real people and characteristics, and deeply satisfy human sexual desire.

Exquisite shapes help regulate sexual psychological and sexual behaviors.

Can help and convenient for some special needs groups.

Disadvantages include:

The price is relatively high, not ordinary consumers can bear it.

It is necessary to make high -tech content, and hand -made doll costs higher.

It may have a negative impact on people’s emotions and social.

Interests of lingerie beauty silicone doll risks and warnings

Although the sex lingerie beauty silicone doll makes people feel exciting and happy, there are some potential risks and warnings:

Do not use the puppet as a tool for violent crimes or sexual assault for children.

Using sexy underwear beauty silicone puppets for a long time will have a certain impact on psychology and body, and should be paid attention to moderate use.

Before use, please add correct anti -theft measures to avoid security issues such as personal privacy leakage.

What can sexy lingerie beauty silicone puppets bring us?

The sexy lingerie beauty silicone doll stimulates people’s visual and sexual fantasies, meets people’s material and spiritual needs, and becomes new toys for modern people.At the same time, the sexy underwear beauty silicone doll also showed us the technical progress and the application of artificial intelligence, which more profoundly reflects the changes in the concept and value orientation of society and people.In any case, we need to take the sexy lingerie beauty silicone doll correctly and use it in a moderate attitude.