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The growth trend of sexy underwear industry

The sex underwear market has been increasing in the past period.This can be attributed to the continuous improvement of the openness of sexual health and sexual desire, and the phenomenon of more attention to gender equality today.Therefore, the domestic sex underwear industry will usher in a period of booming.

The style and type of sexy underwear

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear.In terms of design, there are many kinds of sexy underwear, such as loose materials, tight -fitting materials, low -cut, a shoulder strap, vest, and so on.In addition, designers have injected fashion elements into this industry, such as decorating with leather and tattoos.

The consumer group of the sex underwear market

The consumer groups in the sex underwear market are also very extensive, including people of almost all ages, gender and class.Women’s consumers are the main force of the market, but with the continuous growth of men’s sex lingerie consumption, the proportion of men is rapidly increasing.In terms of consumption, the proportion of men and women is about 3: 7.

The performance and function of sexy underwear

The performance and function of sexy underwear are different.In terms of design, sexy underwear is often designed under wearing comfort and increased sexy needs.In addition, sexy underwear can play a variety of functions such as regulating body shape, improving body, and enhancing self -confidence.

Sex underwear color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is also very important.Generally speaking, black, red, purple and blue are the most popular colors.The color matching should be selected according to various situations, such as conference rooms, business banquets, romantic dinner and Valentine’s Day.

Comparison of the development of sexy underwear industry at home and abroad

The domestic sex lingerie industry started late, but some mature foreign products have been introduced in terms of technology and industrialization.Foreign sex underwear design, quality and market development are relatively mature, which will be committed to catching up and learning by domestic sexy underwear companies.

New changes that are about to usher in sexy underwear

The erotic underwear industry is in a very changing period.In the future, with the continuous improvement of people’s attention and sexual health, and the continuous changes in consumer demand, the design of sexy underwear will definitely have new development directions and innovation.

The competitive pattern of the domestic sex underwear market

After the domestic sex lingerie market entered the September Five -Year Plan, the number of sexy underwear brands entering the market continued to increase.This also led to the fierce market competition.Therefore, in severe market competition, the development of the brand must seek different development directions.

The popular development of sexy underwear e -commerce companies

The development of sexy underwear e -commerce platforms has played an extremely important role in the development of the sex underwear industry.Driven by the e -commerce platform, the sexy underwear market will achieve rapid growth.

in conclusion

In short, the development momentum of the sex underwear industry in China has gradually increased.In the future, whether it is product development, market promotion, or innovation in color and color matching, companies in the sex underwear industry need to seek different development directions to stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition.

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