Sexy underwear heroine H

Sexy underwear heroine H

1 Introduction

Sex underwear has always been a dreamy choice for women.Whether it is to add sexy and charm to yourself, or to satisfy the gorgeous desires of yourself and his partner, sexy underwear has always been a good reputation.Today, I will introduce some knowledge about the purchase of sexy underwear, so that you can avoid some common mistakes when buying.

2. Materials

The material of sexy underwear should be an important aspect you need to consider when you buy.The most common materials include lace, silk, polyester fiber, etc.Lace erotic underwear is usually the sexiest and most attractive, while the silk sex lingerie is relatively comfortable.Polyester fiber love lingerie is more durable and easy to clean, but not breathable.

3. Type

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There are many different types of erotic underwear, such as corset, stockings, and one -piece skirts.Which style is suitable for you to consider your body shape and personality.If you are a woman with a plump chest, the corset is a good choice.If you like tight clothes, you can choose a conjoined skirt.

4. Size

Size is one aspect of purchasing fun underwear.Buy as much as possible to make you feel comfortable and confident.Before buying sexy underwear, it is best to measure your bust and hips, and pay attention to the brand may have different sizes. You may need to try it on.

5. Color

Color is also one of the aspects of attention when choosing a sexy underwear.The colors of sexy underwear are mainly red and black.Black colors are suitable for gentle and mysterious temperament, while red love underwear is full of passion and sexy atmosphere.

6. Style

There are many changes in the style of sexy underwear, from the general bra to the tights of the whole body.Different styles are suitable for different occasions.For example, if you are preparing to spend a romantic night with your partner, a sexy conjoined tights may be a good choice.

7. Slim effect

The self -cultivation effect of sexy underwear is also considered.Some sexy underwear can make your body more prominent, while others can make your body look more slender, depending on your personal preferences and the effect you want to achieve.


8. Brand selection

The brand is also a aspect you need to consider when choosing a sexy underwear.Choosing a trusted brand can ensure that you can buy high -quality underwear.When choosing a brand, it is best to read some comments to get advice and opinions from other customers.

9. Price

Price is another aspect that needs to be considered.Generally speaking, the price of sexy underwear is higher than ordinary underwear, but if you choose a good brand and high -quality materials, this price is worth it.Of course, you can also get better prices by looking for sales and promotional activities.

10. Conclusion

In general, choosing the right sexy underwear requires you to consider multiple aspects, such as materials, types, sizes, colors, styles, self -cultivation effects, brands and prices.Choosing the sexy underwear that suits you will not only make you confident and charming, but also make your relationship with your partner more deeper and romantic.