Sexy underwear leak milk opening

Sexy underwear leak milk opening

The crux of sexy underwear leakage problems

When buying sexy underwear, different figures, milk and milk types will greatly affect the selected size.If you choose improperly, the phenomenon of leakage and opening.The root cause of this problem is that the size is inappropriate.Therefore, it is especially important to choose a size correctly.

Choose the preparation before sex underwear

First, the correct upper body measurement is the key.Before the upper body measurement, you should choose a suitable bra, adjust the bra to the comfortable state, and complete the measurement with the most authentic chest shape.Secondly, the measured data is one of the key factors compared to the product size table. Do not choose yourself.

Select the bras correctly

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Different bras are suitable for different occasions and needs. In order to avoid leakage and opening, fashion triangular cups, steel -free or 3/4 cup styles are suitable for people with lighter milk.The large breast type is recommended to choose a full cup, which can be fully wrapped in the bra and has a stronger breast pressure ability and has a stable milk type.

Selection of sexy underwear fabrics

The fabric has an effect on the comfort, breathability, and elasticity of the bra.You can choose underwear of different materials according to the season and your own physical fitness.Choosing cotton fabrics in summer is more breathable; in winter, use velvet thick cotton and silk fabrics, etc., which is more warm and warm.

Pay attention to the detail design of the underwear

The details of the underwear are also a key factor.All details such as cup walls, cups, shoulder straps, and back rings must meet the body requirements of the wearer.The wall wall is the main part of the chest. The cup mouth strap, etc. will affect the fixing and comfort of the upper body. It needs to be perfectly fit with a person with a figure to make people have a better experience.

The flexibility and comfort of sexy underwear

Sexy and challenging flexibility is an important feature of sexy underwear.At the same time, wearing comfort is also the key.In order to prevent problems involving hook bands and buttons when wearing, feel discomfort, and choosing and good comfortable underwear is relatively friendly to physical health.


Different people have different amounts of milk.For people with a lighter amount of milk, it is necessary to choose bras with simple styles and moderate support; for people with heavy milk, it is more suitable for full cups, which has a more stable milk type.

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Causes and precautions for chest deformation

If the size of the sexy underwear is inappropriate, it may deform the chest for a long time.In addition, improperly cleaning and maintenance of bras can also deform the chest.Therefore, in the process of wearing sexy underwear for a long time, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the bra.

Selection of sexy underwear color

Sexy underwear of different colors will give people different feelings.White, black, skin tone and other colors are suitable for different skin tones, occasions of wearing, and different moods.Therefore, when choosing colors, choose to choose according to your preferences and needs.

Sexual choice of sexy underwear

Personalized choices and design, in addition to considering the size of the underwear and material fabric and color matching, whether the sexy underwear is suitable for this person, whether the sex underwear is in line with the personality, and whether the inner need to get satisfied.

in conclusion

In short, when you choose to buy fun underwear, you first consider comfort, support, and fixing.Wear sexy underwear.