Sexy underwear model experience

Sexy underwear model experience

Starting industry

My name is Maria. When I was 19 years old, I coincided with a coincidence that I participated in the shooting activity of a sexy lingerie brand company and became the underwear model of this brand company. I started my career of my sexy underwear model.

First shooting

The first shooting was a photo of fashion sexy underwear. I felt nervous, but my instructor told me to relax and enjoy the shooting.This is very helpful to me. I gradually relaxed my mood and began to show the best.

Learn how to go on the stage

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After the shooting, my mentor explained to me how to go on the stage.He told me that each underwear has a way to go for it. I need to master the method of every underwear in order to better display the characteristics of each sexy underwear.

Learn how to put POSE

My mentor not only explained the way of walking on the stage, but also explained the way of placement of posture.He told me that while showing the product, the light movement of the body is also very important. I need to learn how to express the information conveyed by the sexy lingerie style through the body.


I learned to swing and stepped on the stage, but later I found that this is not the most important. The most important thing is to wear more beautiful and more sexy and more sexy and more attractive.So I started to pay attention to how to choose a sexy underwear that suits myself, and try to take pictures of sexy underwear, which is very helpful for my work.

How to keep your body

Interest underwear models must not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have good physical fitness.I started to exercise regularly, especially to ensure that the lines of my waist, hips, and shoulders should be beautiful.

Rest and relax

Shooting during shooting, rest during rest.I want to ensure my health and relaxation at any time.For this reason, I will choose the right time to rest and a balanced diet to ensure my health.

Sexy Lingerie


Maintaining a positive and aggressive mentality at all times is also a necessary quality of sexy underwear models.I will often learn new sexy lingerie styles, popular styles, and showing postures, maintain the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of work, and improve my professional quality.

Love yourself, love work

Only when you are full of love and enthusiasm for yourself, you will do better.As a sexy underwear model, I want to be enthusiastic and love for my body and work, not just as a job.Only in this way can the best photos show the best results.


In my opinion, sexy underwear models are not just taking pictures of a person, but also the art of maintaining good health, adjusting their postures, and displaying products.As a sexy underwear model, pay attention to health, embrace confidence, and always passion and love, in order to achieve greater success and satisfaction in work.