Sexy underwear open crotch uniform

Sexy underwear open crotch uniform

Sexy underwear open crotch uniform


Interest underwear open crotch uniforms can be said to be a kind of teasing in sex underwear.Its special design can not only show women’s sexy charm, but also meet the needs of some people for special gameplay.This article will introduce the relevant knowledge and purchase points of the sexy underwear open crotch uniform.

Definition of open crotch uniform

The open crotch uniform, as shown in its name, is a sexy underwear that can open the crotch. It is usually composed of sexy tops and tight skirts. There is an open opening under the skirt to facilitate sexual sex games.

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Open crotch uniform style

The style of open crotch uniforms mainly includes cat women, nurses, school uniform funds, etc. The open crotch positions of different styles are also different.For example, the open crotch position of the cat woman is behind the skirt, and the open crotch position of the nurse is in front of the skirt.

Material of open crotch uniform

The material of open crotch uniforms is generally special, such as PU material, leather material, mesh material, etc., making it more sexy.

Advantages of open crotch uniform

Open crotch uniforms can make couples more imaginative and creative during sex, satisfy each other’s needs, and increase the fun of interesting life.At the same time, it also makes up for the lack of sexy underwear and can better meet the needs of subculture.

Disadvantages of open crotch uniforms

Compared to ordinary erotic underwear, open crotch uniforms are more special, and it is necessary to use it to play the greatest effect.At the same time, its maintenance also takes into account problems such as cleaning and biological safety.

Applicable crowd of open crotch uniform

Sexy Costumes

Open crotch uniforms are suitable for couples or couples who want to challenge themselves, and single people who like to make special stimuli.At the same time, it is also a sexual product that increases sexual interest and creation.

The main points of buying the open crotch uniform

When choosing an open crotch uniform, choose different styles and materials according to your preferences and occasions.In addition, pay attention to the selection of the size, and try to choose the size suitable for you to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

Maintenance of open crotch uniforms

When cleaning the open crotch uniform, you need to pay attention to the different materials and choose the suitable cleaning method.For example, the open crotch uniform of PU material can be wiped with pure water, while the leather -based open crotch uniform needs to be cleaned with a dedicated leather care solution.

Precautions for wearing open crotch uniforms

When wearing open crotch uniforms, be careful not to pull over and friction too much, so as not to destroy the structure of the opening part.At the same time, when performing sex games, pay attention to hygiene and safety to avoid viruses or bacteria.


Open crotch uniform is a sexy and creative sexy underwear. Its special design can bring more fun and passion to couples or couples.However, when choosing and using, pay attention to safety and hygiene problems in order to better enjoy the happiness brought by the interesting life.