Sexy underwear open -stall beauty photos

Sexy underwear open -stall beauty photos

What is a sexy underwear?

The opening of the sexy underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. As the name suggests, there is a sexy underwear with opening or exposed design in the lower body, which aims to increase the fun of sex.There are many styles and styles of this underwear, such as G string, T -shaped pants, fork skirts and open crotch stockings.Some styles are also designed to be suitable for different scenarios, such as Valentine’s Day, party and dating.

Is it suitable for everyone?

This depends on personal aesthetics and sexual preferences.Some people think that this underwear is very exciting and sexy, and others may feel that they are too exposed.However, sometimes these underwear can also be used as a joke or gift, which may be more suitable for wearing when party or girlfriends gather.

What are the choices and colors of sexy underwear?

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There are many different styles and colors to choose from.From pink, red, black to white, each color represents different temperament and personality.From pure cotton, lace to leather, each material also has its own characteristics, and can adapt to different occasions and party themes.

How to choose and match the stall -opening sexy underwear?

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, the most important thing is to ensure that you find a size and style suitable for your body.Different figures and preferences require different sizes and styles.At the same time, it can better improve the fun of sex with his sexual products, such as sexual whip, mouthball, and wrist care.

How to clean and maintain the opening of sexy underwear?

Cleaning and maintenance of the sexy underwear is the same as other ordinary underwear.It is best to wash and use a special cleaner or non -foam washing solution.Avoid using bleach, dehydrator and dryer.It is best to dry them flat to maintain its shape and texture.

Is it related to the opening of sex underwear?

Open -file sex underwear itself does not affect the safety of sexual behavior.It is important to use condoms, pharmaceutical masks or other contraceptive methods to protect yourself and partners.In addition, the material with poor open design and breathability may have a certain effect on health.Therefore, it is best to clean it after each use of the sexy underwear to maintain hygiene.

The relationship between opening and sexy underwear and sex?

As a sexual product, the opening of sexy underwear aims to improve the fun of sex.They can enhance sexual experience by stimulating, exciting, flirting, and rendering atmosphere.Just like his interesting supplies, the opening and sexy underwear should be regarded as a tool to improve sex, rather than harmful or negative effects on sex.

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The influence of the relationship between the relationship between the sex underwear and the couple?

For couples or husbands and wives, opening sexy underwear may be a means to enhance sexual life and promote communication and trust.Some people choose to use them to try new ways and skills, while others use the fun of opening the file to express their preferences and sexual orientation.In use, try to follow the principles of mutual respect, understanding and communication to avoid potential misunderstandings and problems.

More sexual underwear choices?

In addition to opening the sexy lingerie, there are various types of sexy underwear to choose from in the market.Including pajamas, lace underwear, maid dress, uniforms, SM uniforms and sexual stockings.Each type and style have their own characteristics, and can choose the most suitable for you according to personal taste and preferences.


There is a large choice in the market in the market, but its applicability and how to use need to be based on personal conditions, preferences and communication.When using, please ensure safety and hygiene, follow the principles of respect and understanding, and avoid potential misunderstandings and problems.Finally, sexy underwear is a tool for improving sex and increasing fun. Its use should be autonomous and physical and mental health.