Sexy underwear open stall exposed milk free uniform

Sexy underwear open stall exposed milk free uniform

Sexy underwear open stall exposed milk free uniform

As a type of sexy underwear, in recent years, in recent years, it has been favored by women in recent years, and has become a must -have for many couples to enjoy sex.Among them, the sexy underwear of the open -stall exposed milk -free uniform category is highly sought after, so what is this sexy underwear?What are the characteristics?Let’s take a look together.

What is open -stall exposed milk free uniform?

Open -stall exposed milk free uniform is a unique and powerful sexy underwear.The real point lies in three special designs: opening, exposed milk, and free.

The opening is in the most critical position, that is, the crotch part, a small mouth is designed to facilitate the user’s sexual behavior.The exposed milk is designed for the breast part, exposing breasts, which can not only play a temptation, but also make sexual life more free and indulgent.

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Finally, the design of this design is also very practical.Because it is free, it is not necessary to take off all the clothing during use like traditional erotic underwear. Instead, you can unlock the top and pull off the clothing.More practical.

Design Features

The design characteristics of the design of open -range exposed milk free uniform are the following points:

Open file: Make the experience more freely indulge.

Destroyer: It can play a temptation, but also facilitates users to perform sexual behavior.

Free: You only need to unbutton the shirt, pull down the clothing, and connect the bra to part with the pants, which is more convenient.

Therefore, this sexy underwear is very suitable for the sex life between couples, which can make sex more happy and make the other party more exciting.

Material selection

For the choice of sexy underwear, the material is very important.The most common materials are polyester fibers, lace, silk, etc.For open -stall milk -free uniforms, we must choose a soft, comfortable and breathable material to make sexual life smoother.

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At the same time, avoid too tight design, otherwise it will affect blood circulation and is not good for health.Therefore, it is recommended to choose elastic materials and choose a size that is suitable for your body.


When wearing an open -stall milk -free uniform, there are some things to pay attention to:

Before wearing, you must understand the material of the sexy underwear and judge whether it is suitable for you.

Pay attention to breathability when wearing. Under the premise of ensuring sexy, we cannot affect health because the buttons are too tight.

Wash it in time after use to ensure health and cleanliness.

For people

Which groups are applicable to open -stall milk -free uniforms?First of all, it is suitable for couples or couples to increase the fun of sex.At the same time, because of its unique design, it can be free of sex, so it is also suitable for single people who pursue sexual experience.


Using sexy underwear is a very private thing, so pay attention to keeping confidential.In addition, pay attention to personal health and hygiene, and timely cleaning or replacement after use.


When buying open -stall exposed milk free uniforms, you can start from the following aspects:

Choose your favorite style and color, try to meet your aesthetics.

Select sexy underwear with good material, fine workmanship, and reasonable price.

Choose the right size according to your body and choose different design styles as needed.


As an important part of sexy underwear categories, it is highly sought after by couples and singles due to its special design and functions.In the process of buying, wearing, and use, you need to pay attention to personal health and hygiene issues.

However, in general, the opening of the open -range exposed milk -free uniform is a very practical and fun sexy underwear, which can increase interest and freedom, which is a perfect combination for sex life.