Sexy underwear Piano Play online

Sexy underwear Piano Play online

Sexy underwear Piano Play online

Interest underwear has always been a vocabulary full of imagination. In recent years, the video of sexy underwear played piano has also become a popular trend.So, what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for playing piano?Next, let’s find out.

material selection:

For the piano, the choice of materials is very important.Because if the underwear material is not appropriate, it will affect the comfort of playing, and even the beat of music.For sexy underwear, breathable comfort is the core.Therefore, it is recommended to choose materials with good comfort and strong breathability of cotton or silk.

Style selection:

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When choosing a sexy underwear style, it is best to choose those styles without many details.Because too fancy styles can easily lift folds, increase the pressure on the piano keys, and make your fingers awkward.

Selection of color:

The color choice of sexy underwear is very important.The dark underwear is easy to produce reflection under the light, affecting the sight, especially in the performance.The white or light -colored underwear absorbs the lights well, which will not affect the fluency of the concert.

size selection:

Size selection is a question that every woman cares very much.But for playing the piano, it is recommended to choose a moderate style for the size of the underwear size. Do not be too tight or loose to avoid affecting the comfort of the hands and the body.

Bra choosing:

For the choice of bra, you can choose according to personal habits and comfort.If the underwear is too tight, you can choose a style without steel.This style allows women to feel comfortable and soft, thereby release the spirit of music.

Pants selection:

When playing the piano, the looseness and comfort of the bottom pants are very critical.It is recommended to choose flat shorts or flat -mouth briefs.The center of gravity of such bottom pants is low, avoiding the discomfort caused by rising leggings.


Choose pantyhose:

When choosing pantyhose, you should choose high waist pantyhose.This kind of pantyhose can be fixed to the hem to avoid the situation where the pantyhose is shifted or declined during the performance.It is recommended to choose the style of pure cotton or silk, which is softer and more comfortable to feel.

Accessories selection:

When choosing accessories, you should choose simple styles as much as possible. It is not advisable to wear too complex jewelry, because complex jewelry will cause trouble to the operation of the hand.It is recommended to wear simple earrings and necklaces to increase women’s elegance.


When playing the piano, wearing a suitable sexy underwear can not only improve the quality of music interpretation, but also allow you to show your charm better.Whether you play on the stage or entertain yourself at home, choosing a suitable sexy underwear will not only increase self -confidence, but also bring a harmonious beauty.