Sexy underwear processing factory model

Sexy underwear processing factory model

Sexy underwear processing factory model

As a sexy and unique clothing, sexy underwear has a wide market prospect.More and more merchants have begun to pay attention to the sales of sexy underwear, and the model of the sexy underwear processing factory has gradually become a problem facing merchants.This article will explore the model model and its advantages and disadvantages of the sexy underwear processing plant.

Overall processing

The overall processing model of the sexy underwear processing factory is to make the template model to the factory and the factory for production and processing.The main advantage of this model is that the processing cost is low, but the cost is also obvious, that is, the lack of uniqueness and creativity.

Design and process

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The design and processing model refers to the merchant providing the original design drawings, which provides processing services by the sex underwear processing plant.The advantage of this model lies in its uniqueness, and does not need to consider production efficiency.However, because merchants in this model need to bear design costs, the cost will be relatively high.

Custom Development

The customized development model is more like a customized service. Merchants can communicate with the sexy underwear processing plant according to their needs to achieve the overall design and production of the product.The advantage of this model is to maximize the needs of merchants and fully meet the concerns of merchants.However, the cost is relatively high, and it takes more time to communicate and design with energy.

Batch production

The batch production model refers to a lot of sex underwear that produces a large number of the same style and the same requirements within a certain period of time.In the batch production model, the sexy underwear processing plant can purchase materials and equipment to achieve batch discounts, and it will also be relatively improved in production efficiency.However, the disadvantage is that if the merchant cannot predict market demand, and the sexy underwear produced by production will not be sold out, it will cause the problem of waste and inventory occupation.


According to the order, it is produced according to the order.In this model, the sexy underwear processing plant can be processed according to the order submitted by the merchant.The advantage is that avoiding inventory occupation, the disadvantage is that the production efficiency is low.


In addition to the above model, the sexy underwear processing plant can also undertake foundry.The advantage of this model is that the processing plant does not need to bear the risks of any market sales, and only needs to be produced and processed according to the requirements of the merchant.Merchants only need to pay for processing costs, avoiding the cost and risk of production, and at the same time, they can also obtain foundry fees.


brand cooperation

The sexy underwear processing factory can choose to cooperate with other brands.Cooperation can make processing plants get more profits and resources. At the same time, cooperation with the brand can also expand product sales and increase market influence.However, it should be noted that brand cooperation needs to reach an agreement in terms of quality requirements and cultural backgrounds.

Technical upgrade

Technical upgrade is the only way for sexy underwear processing plants.While continuously upgrading technology, the processing plant can purchase more advanced equipment, and at the same time can improve management level and personnel quality.This model can improve production efficiency and product quality to a certain extent.

Market strategy

Market strategy is a problem that the sex underwear processing plant needs fine planning.You can choose to focus on the mid -to -high -end product line, or adopt a special sales promotion plan.


The market prospects in the sex underwear are broad. Merchants and processing plants can choose the processing model that suits them best according to their needs and characteristics.While choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniqueness and innovation of the product, improve product quality and production efficiency, and finely planned market strategic in order to achieve better results.