Sexy underwear shame PALY

Sexy underwear shame PALY

What is sexy underwear shame play?

Interest underwear shame Play is a way to use sexy underwear to increase sexual interests and interaction between couples or husbands and wives.In this kind of behavior, one party puts on sexy underwear and the other plays a role. It shows praise or ridicule of sexy underwear through words, action or body language, and the other party has a strong sexual stimulus.

The benefits of sexy underwear shame play

Interesting underwear shame Play can not only increase sexual interest and interaction, but also stimulate the emotions between husband and wife. In this behavior, the trust and acceptance of each other has also been enhanced.At the same time, in this way, you can also release the emotions and desires that are usually stunned in your heart, so that the husband and wife are more tacit and passionate.

Frequent underwear shame Play common types

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There are many common types of sexy underwear shame, such as role -playing, flirting passion, obscene language, etc.Among them, role -playing is the most common way, allowing people to fulfill their imagination, experience different life roles and situations, and achieve the effect of improving sex.

The precautions in sexy underwear shame play

When performing sexy underwear shame, pay attention to various details to avoid embarrassment or harm.First of all, to determine the gender and character of each other to avoid confusion and embarrassment.Secondly, pay attention to the quality and cleaning of sexy underwear to ensure its clean and hygiene and avoid the problems of allergies or infection.Finally, pay attention to the choice of place and time to avoid affecting others or being discovered by others, causing unnecessary embarrassment and exposure.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

To make sexy underwear shame, you must choose the right sexy underwear.First, choose the right style and color according to your body, temperament and personality.Secondly, choose a size and fabric that suits you to avoid affecting comfort and health.Finally, choose an occasion and atmosphere that suits you to avoid exaggeration or too conservative.

The steps of sexy underwear shame play

The steps of sexy underwear shame include preparation, dressing, interaction and venting.First of all, prepare sexy underwear and other necessary props to ensure the realism of the scene and the atmosphere.Secondly, dressing and makeup must be made to make yourself more attractive and attractive.Then, interaction and performance should be performed to achieve the effect of stimulating interest and sex.Finally, it is necessary to vent and relax, release stress and desire.

Fun underwear shame play skills

There are many techniques for sexy underwear shame, such as choosing the right role and situation, mastering the rhythm and atmosphere of interactive interaction, and gradually expanding interaction step by step.At the same time, it is necessary to adjust your emotions and performance in a timely manner to avoid being too sensitive or emotional to avoid affecting the interactive effect.


Funeral underwear shame Play risk precautions

Fun underwear shame Play also has certain risks and precautions.First of all, pay attention to your own safety and hygiene to avoid infection and spread of virus and bacteria.Secondly, avoid excessive addiction and relying on sexy underwear, affecting life and social interaction.Finally, to avoid confusion with other unhealthy behaviors, such as gambling and drug addiction.

How to make sexy underwear shame more successfully

To make the sexy underwear shame more successful, you need to start in multiple aspects.First of all, to improve your self -confidence and charm and make yourself more attractive and charm.Secondly, we must strengthen communication and exchanges to improve each other’s understanding and tacit understanding.Finally, try different erotic underwear shame to increase the sense of freshness and excitement.


Interesting underwear shame Play is a good way to increase sexual interests and interaction between couples or husbands and wives, but pay attention to various details and precautions when making fun underwear shame in order to achieve the effect of less effort.I hope everyone can try this behavior to make their lives more fulfilling and interesting.