Sexy underwear Shi Yanru

Sexy underwear Shi Yanru

Sexy underwear Shi Yanru

Shi Yanru is a highly respected female entrepreneur in the domestic sex lingerie industry.She and her team have always been committed to bringing more free, comfortable and sexy sexy underwear to women.Below, I will introduce the sexy underwear advocated by Shi Yanru.

Sexy type underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for women.They use high -tech fabrics such as perspective, hollow, and ultra -thin to show the sexiest side of women.This type of underwear allows you to exude confidence in any occasion only with a little trimming.There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as one shoulder, back, three -point style, etc. When choosing, you can choose according to your body and style.

Light -faced silk style underwear

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Light -faced silk style underwear is a classic type in sexy underwear.This underwear uses soft, breathable and smooth fabrics, which can perfectly fit the body curve, so that you feel very comfortable when you wear it, and also have a visual impact.In addition to the light -faced silk, this type of underwear is also available to choose from other materials.

Underwear suit

The sexy underwear jacket contains underwear, stockings, straps and other accessories.A set of sexy underwear suits allows you to effectively improve the sexy index and bring unprecedented ultimate experience.The underwear suit is different from ordinary underwear. There are many elements such as stockings, slings, headdresses, etc., fully showing women’s external charm.

Front buckle underwear

The design of traditional underwear is generally back buckle. This design is not convenient. When it is cut, it needs to be rotated, and the design of the front buckle underwear can make it very convenient to take off.The front buckle underwear also has different styles such as thickened cups and decompression cups. Choosing suitable models according to your chest conditions can allow you to have perfect chest shapes at any time.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a very popular type of sexy underwear.They use high -quality lace fabrics to show women’s most graceful and softer side.There are many different styles of lace underwear, which can greatly meet the personalized needs of women.In addition, lace underwear can also be given to others as a gift to express their minds.

Ship -type collar underwear

Ship -type collar underwear is a very practical type of underwear.It is characterized by the U -collar design, which can not only show sexy lines on the chest, but also ensure the comfort of wearing.Moreover, this underwear is thin, which can make your body look taller.

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Seamless underwear

Seamless underwear is an innovative design that applies seamless technology to women’s underwear.It can avoid the beauty of women’s body shape because of the unclear underwear lines. The seamless design makes it comfortable to wear. At the same time, it will not protrudes outward when wearing, making you look more natural when wearing.

Chest sticker underwear

A chest sticker underwear is a very convenient type.It uses a special high -stick material, which is directly attached to the chest when wearing it, eliminating the restraint of the chest strap, so that you are more free and comfortable when you wear it.And this underwear can also improve the effect of the chest shape.

Travel underwear

Travel underwear can generally be folded very small and easy to carry.Because travel will make the body tired, you must choose breathable and easy to clean underwear when choosing a travel underwear.It is best to choose underwear with moisture absorption and perspiration to maintain a dry feeling.

Postpartum underwear

Post -delivery underwear is very important for new mothers.This underwear can effectively support the breasts, prevent drooping, but also squeeze the abdomen to better restore the figure.After giving birth to underwear, we need to choose a larger underwear to make the body more comfortable, and some postpartum underwear will also be equipped with breast enhancement slices, which can help the new mother better restore the chest.


When women wear sexy underwear, they must choose the type of underwear that suits them according to their figure and style.In addition, when buying sexy underwear, buying brands, colors, sizes, etc. is also very important. Consumers can refer to online evaluation and professional shopping guide opinions to find the most suitable sexy underwear for them.