Sexy underwear test your body

Sexy underwear test your body


Interest underwear is not just a clothing, it is also a kind of art.Sexy sexy underwear can increase women’s confidence and charm.However, many women often ignore their body characteristics when choosing sexy underwear.So, is the sexy underwear really testing the figure?Let’s discuss this issue in this article.

The relationship between sexy underwear and body

There is a certain relationship between sexy underwear and figure, because they aim to show the beauty of women.The characteristics of women also determine which sex underwear they are suitable for.

Slimming and choosing love underwear

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Many women think that only if they are slim, can they wear sexy effects.In fact, this is a wrong idea.Women of different figures can choose different styles of sexy underwear to show their advantages.For example, some styles can emphasize chest or hips, but do not need to be particularly slim.

Plum body and sexy underwear

Fully figure does not mean that you can’t wear sexy underwear.It is important to choose the right size and style.For example, the bras should choose the right cup and surround size to obtain the best support and comfort.

The choice of flat -breasted women

Women with flat breasts can choose bras with pads or fillers to increase the fullness of the chest.In addition, choosing sexy underwear with lace and lace can also increase the visual fullness.

Choice of full breasts women

For women full of chests, they should choose to provide good support bras and sexy underwear with suitable pads.Avoid choosing a relaxation style without support.

Sexual feelings and emotional underwear are not suitable for all types of figure

Although sexy underwear can increase women’s charm and self -confidence, it is not suitable for all figures.For example, if your body is too strong or too light, it is not suitable for wearing too twists and turns, more tight sexy underwear.



Interest underwear can not be worn by slim women, but for women with all figures.Choosing styles and sizes suitable for your body can make women more confident and charming.


When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to your own body characteristics and buy appropriate size and style.If you are not sure what kind of sexy underwear you should choose, you can seek help and suggestions from professional sexy underwear consultants.