Sexy underwear three -point photo picture

Sexy underwear three -point photo picture

Introduce sexy underwear three -point style

In sexy underwear, the three -point style has always been one of the very popular styles.This erotic underwear is mainly composed of bra, G string and jumpsuit.It visually exposes the beautiful curve of women’s bodies to the greatest extent, which can add confidence to women, and at the same time emphasizes the sexy of the body.

The style and texture of the bra

The most common styles of three -point bra are triangular cups and suspension types.Triangle Cup bra is simple, sexy, and breathable. It often uses lace or gauze fabrics, making women’s chests strong sexy.The suspension bra emphasizes the three -dimensional sense of the chest and increases the line feeling.The texture of the bra is also very important. For example, some sexy bras are made of silk, with good comfort and can bring a soft feeling to the wearer.

The types and purchase suggestions of G strings

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There are many styles in the three -point formula to choose from.For women who try first, it is best to choose a basic style that is easy to match.Transparent or transparent hollow style can increase the sexy feeling.In addition, it is important to choose a suitable size of G string. Too large or too small may affect the wearing experience and sexy.

The style and color of body pants

The material of the pants is usually the same as the bra, including lace, gauze and silk.In terms of color, traditional black and red are the most popular, but now more and more women choose a set of colors or other bright colors.There are various styles of body pants, with high waist and low waist styles. Each style emphasizes the different characteristics of the body.

The requirements of the body on the three -point style

Three -point type is not a underwear suitable for all figures.For women with smaller breasts, the triangle cup can enhance the sexy sensation of the chest, while weakening the defects of the upper contour of the body.For women with larger chests, suspended bras can provide more support than traditional underwear to strengthen the line of lines of the "top part".At the same time, choosing high -waisted jumpsuit can effectively cover the burden on the waist and abdomen, emphasizing the line feeling of the legs.

Three -point application occasion

Three -point underwear can be used as a private dress or a sexy performance or adding sexy elements to special occasions.For newlywed couples, when wanting to create romance and desire, the three -point style is a perfect choice.When women want to show their sexy in a party or special occasions, the three -point formula is also very suitable.

How to wear three points

It takes a certain amount of skills to wear three points.First of all, choosing the correct size is very important, especially for G string.Secondly, you need to read the instructions carefully before wearing to avoid uncomfortable or unsightly problems.Finally, you need to follow the correct steps when wearing, first put on the bra, then wear jumpsuits, and finally wear G strings.

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Three -point maintenance method

Because three -point material is usually more delicate, there is a correct maintenance method.It is best to choose hand washing and use a neutral detergent.When washing, you need to turn the jumpsuits over to avoid friction between the satin fabrics, and you also need to pay attention to the protection of the bra.

How to buy a three -point style that suits you

When buying a three -point style, you need to understand your body characteristics and choose a three -point underwear that is most suitable for your body.In addition, choose the right color and style, and underwear that meets your own personality.Finally, you need to choose reliable brands and sales channels to avoid buying fake or poor quality of sexy underwear.


Three -point underwear is a very sexy charm of sexy underwear, which can highlight the beauty and lines of women’s bodies.Choosing a three -point underwear suitable for your body and personality can enhance women’s confidence and self -esteem.