Sexy underwear three -point transparent installation map

Sexy underwear three -point transparent installation map


With the continuous development of social civilization, sexy underwear, as an important equipment for bed affection, has become the representative of modern fashion.Among them, the transparent series of sexy underwear has been favored by many women.Today, we will find out that those styles in transparent sex underwear are the most popular.

Lace transparent sexy underwear

Lace is the "elder brother" in the transparent sexy underwear family. With its soft lines and romantic petal design, this series of sexy underwear has become one of the most popular underwear for fashion women.The decorative effect allows you to have fashionable femininity instantly.It also meets women’s pursuit of sexy and romantic.

Net yarn transparent sexy shirt

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Net yarn sex underwear is a big star in transparent erotic underwear. It is extremely light and transparent, and it can be displayed to show the perfect figure at a glance.Not only that, the breathability of the transparent sexy underwear is also incomparable to other transparent erotic lingerie, because its texture granular shape can breathe smoothly while contacting the skin and easily spend the whole night.

Misty surface transparent sexy underwear

Compared with other styles, the fog surface transparent sexy underwear shows the unique charm and fastest spirit of women.It perfectly integrates the two states of transparency and opaque, like flawless peach blossoms, "transparent and degree", which will not be exposed too much, but also make women show the softness of sexy curves and waist.

Silk transparent sexy underwear

Silk sex lingerie, just like its name, is made with fine craftsmanship. The texture is smooth, the feel is comfortable, and the skin feels warm.Its unique luster and fluency are very tempting, which well reflects the sexy nature of women.Not only sexy lingerie, but also a good choice for wearing and home clothes alone.


The bellyband is a unique traditional etiquette in China, while the bellyband transparent sexy underwear is a representative of sexy taste.Generally speaking, the sexual lingerie of the bellyband uses more three -dimensional tailoring and more fine craftsmanship, making women’s figure more charming.In addition, it can also be worn with other accessories such as stockings.

Decorate transparent sexy sheet

Compared with other styles, decorative transparent sexy underwear, while paying attention to sexy, will add more decorative elements, such as lace, bow, beads, etc., which has a visual impact and luxury.Fashion and personality needs.

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One word shoulder, sexy underwear

One word is transparent to sexy underwear. The main design emphasizes the beautiful curve of the shoulder line and neck. It shows the perfect neck lines of women through transparent fabrics, showing the overall beauty and sexy, which is a very classic style.

Thin, transparent sexy underwear

Thin -transparent sexy underwear is a style that young women like very much. It is very thin. It feels very natural to wear. At the same time, it can better reveal the beautiful body curve of women, so that more women have the opportunity to experience the lightness and freenessDress feeling.

The use of transparent sex underwear life

In real life, transparent sexy underwear is mostly worn by women as a home clothing, which not only meets women’s pursuit of body beauty and sexy, but also makes family life full of romance and interest.


Transparent erotic underwear is a must -have for women to show beautiful figure and sexy curves, and different styles can be suitable for different women, showing different aesthetic and fashionable sense.When choosing transparent sexy underwear, we can choose combined with our own characteristics and needs.