Shanghai high fork fun underwear wholesale market

Shanghai high fork fun underwear wholesale market


Sexy underwear is a symbol of exquisite feminine charm. Different erotic underwear styles and styles projected different sexy, gender and adult charm expression.The center brings together various styles and types of sexy underwear products, which is an important part of the global sexy underwear wholesale industry.

Market overview

Shanghai Gaozhan Innerwear Wholesale Market is located at No. 555 Longbai Road, Shanghai. One of the most famous sexy underwear wholesale Hot Spot in Mainland China. Each year, hundreds of millions of customers are poured into this market trading products, from Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.To Chinese -style sexy underwear, the style style is different.

Market partition

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Shanghai Gao fork fun underwear market consists of three main partitions: metal, Western and Chinese.Metal areas are mainly exported to high -end European and American brands ‘sexy underwear, the western region mainly exports Japanese and Korean brands’ sexy underwear, and the main export of Chinese -style sexy underwear in China.

Product Category

The products of Shanghai high fork sex underwear market are very rich. Most of the sexy underwear wholesalers provide various styles of sexy underwear products, such as big breasts, squeezing, high waist, tights, lace and lace, etc., to meet the various customersneed.

quality assurance

Most Shanghai high fork sex underwear wholesalers have strict requirements on product quality.They strictly control the manufacturing, packaging and transportation process of the product, and will perform accurate code and inspection strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.According to market feedback, most customers are very satisfied with the quality of the product. They believe that the Shanghai high fork sex lingerie market provides sexy underwear products that ensure quality.

price competition

There are fierce price competition in the Shanghai Gao fork fun underwear market.Because there are thousands of erotic underwear wholesalers in the market, there are certain differences in terms of price.Therefore, customers can fully compare the price when buying, and choose the appropriate supplier.

payment method

Shanghai Gao fork’s sex underwear market provides many payment methods: credit cards, cash, Alipay and WeChat payment.Most merchants provide offline and online orders, and they can enjoy preferential prices when paying offline.

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Business hours

Shanghai high fork fun underwear market can meet guests at different time periods. Most merchants open stores at 9 am and store stores at 9 pm.Some merchants provide 24 -hour business, and details customers can consult the store or related waiters.

After -sales service

Most businesses in Shanghai high fork sex underwear market provide after -sales service.After product transactions, if there is a quality problem or dissatisfaction, customers can contact the manufacturer or merchant at any time and return or replace the product.


Before you go to Shanghai’s high fork sex underwear market to buy sexy underwear, you can make planning and budget for procurement in advance to learn about the types and prices of different partitions and merchants.You can carefully evaluate the quality of the product while shopping, and negotiate with the merchant to pay the payment method and after -sales service terms to obtain the best shopping experience.

in conclusion

Shanghai Gao fork’s sex underwear wholesale market is an important part of global sexy underwear wholesalers, playing a vital role in the expression of global sexy charm and fashion.However, when shopping, we must alert the bad behavior of merchants, technical choices and reasonable combinations are important.I believe that with reasonable procurement and consumption behavior, any consumer can obtain a unique sexy charm to meet their simple and complex psychological needs.