Shanghai sex lingerie delivery staff recruitment

Shanghai sex lingerie delivery staff recruitment

Job introduction

In recent years, with the increasingly open and diverse demand of domestic consumption, the market for sex underwear has become increasingly expanding.A sexy underwear delivery company in Shanghai recruits sex underwear sendsers due to expanding its business.

Work content

The company requires that the sexy underwear seller is mainly responsible for sending customers’ ordering lingerie.The specific work includes the loading and delivery of sexy underwear. It is necessary to ensure the safety of sexy underwear, strictly protect customer privacy, and ensure the safety of goods.


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The company provides competitive salary and gives corresponding rewards based on performance.Foreign staff can also enjoy corresponding subsidies and insurance benefits.

Recruitment requirements

1. There must be a stable address and identity certificate.

2. Cheerful and sunny personality, with affinity and communication skills.

3. Have a certain physical strength and sufficient endurance.

4. Have a certain driving skills and have relevant driving certificates as bonus points.


The company will conduct certain professional training for new employees, including the quality, style, and wearing essentials of sexy underwear. At the same time, it will also participate in learning for driving training and related safety operations.

personal development

Stay Up

There is a lot of room for promotion in the company.The company will regularly evaluate and evaluate employees, and the outstanding performance will have the opportunity to promote senior positions such as deputy managers and managers.


Interest underwear is a special item. The delivery staff must abide by the relevant confidentiality rules, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle baggage and leak customer information.At the same time, the working hours are more flexible, and work arrangements should be made according to customer needs.

Application method

Those who are interested in this position can send resumes to the company’s mailbox and indicate the post of "sexy underwear" in the email.

Email: [email protected]


As a special clothing, sexy underwear requires professional delivery staff for transportation. The company’s recruitment provides a good opportunity for this.If you meet the conditions, you may wish to try it. With the dual help of professional training and personal development, create a more successful and glorious future.