Shanghai Sex Underwear Show Third Session

Shanghai Sex Underwear Show Third Session

The first scene: stage layout

The third game of the Shanghai Sexurian Underwear Show was held at the Hongqiao Art Center tonight. As one of the witnesses of this event, I was surprised to find that the on -site layout was very delicate. The lights on the stage rendered the entire stage into a red fire.To infinite sexy atmosphere.

Second scene: Model performance

About each brand sent at least one top model. The carefully selected clothing and moving performances made the atmosphere very warm. Well -known models were horizontal on the stage. The real scene show brought great shock to the audience.

The third scene: explanation of sexy underwear

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The brand side introduced the characteristics and usage of each sexy underwear in detail at the scene. It is extremely practical whether it is a couple supplies or using it alone.During the explanation, there will be questions from the audience from time to time. The staff on the spot patiently answered and provided professional opinions.

The fourth scene: live interaction

The audience can not only sit and watch the performance. During the event, they can also participate in a variety of interactive activities such as games, prizes, on -site trials, etc., which enrich the fun of the event and make people have an endless aftertaste.

Fifth scene: display of different brands

The erotic underwear of a number of well -known brands has been displayed by the designer’s efforts to show at this event. It contains different materials and styles, meets different needs, and shows the style of major brands.

Sixth scene: music and dance

Dancing and music are an indispensable part of modern scene programs. Listening to enthusiastic music and watching beautiful dances. The models are very expressive on the stage.

Seventh scene: market value

The growth of the sex underwear market has exceeded people’s expectations and has become an industry with high attention. More and more brands and merchants have poured into this field.The success of the Shanghai Sex Underwear Show not only shorten the distance between the brand and consumers, but also further shows the value and prospects of the sexy underwear market.


Eighth scene: industry reputation

With the success of the Shanghai sex lingerie show, people’s views on the sex underwear industry have changed dramatically, and the industry reputation has greatly improved.Health, fashion, personality and taste are consumers’ new pursuit of sexy underwear, which will also bring many opportunities to the future survival and development of the sex underwear industry.

Ninth Scene: Perfect Ending

The entire Shanghai sex lingerie show was full of love and enthusiasm. Models, designers, brands, and audiences worked together to achieve a perfect erotic underwear show.As a participant, I deeply experienced the unparalleled artistic enjoyment and humanized services that this event brought us.

Viewpoint: Contribute to society

Interest underwear is no longer an obscure product. They are experiencing perfect transformations and become a artwork that can contribute to society and culture.From today, we need to review sex underwear from a new perspective and make positive contributions to their development and situation.