She wears a sexy lingerie color to seduce herself subordinates

Background introduction

Interest underwear has always been a choice for women to increase self -confidence and fun.In the workplace, some women also choose to wear sexy sexy underwear to improve their charm and influence.However, in some special cases, wearing erotic underwear may cause trouble, this article tells such a thing.


this is a true story.In order to improve the morale of the team, a female boss put her subordinates in sex underwear.She believes that this will make them more confident and thus bring better performance to the enterprise.However, this decision eventually led to some disturbing consequences.

as a result of

Female employees wearing sexy underwear have indeed raised their confidence and charm in the workplace, but their colleagues began to be dissatisfied with their behavior.Some male colleagues try to approach them, while some female colleagues are jealous of their privileges and identities.

Selection of sex underwear

If women decide to wear sexy underwear in the workplace, they need to choose the right style.For those companies with more formal requirements, it is best to choose a relatively simple style to avoid being too sexy.In addition, the color should not be too eye -catching, otherwise it will attract other people’s attention, even unnecessary trouble.

Impact on the company’s image

If the company’s employees wear sexy underwear, the image of the company will be affected.This will cause the company to attract a bad attention from the outside world and cause huge damage to the corporate image.Therefore, corporate managers should educate employees to be dressed and maintain a good image.

The issue of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination

If women are sexually harassed in sexy underwear, they need to report incidents to management in time.Management should take emergency measures to protect the interests and safety of employees.At the same time, management should also help employees to perceive and prevent these sexual harassment and sexual discrimination.

Thinking of governance

Work is work, interest is interest.Enterprise managers should strictly strictly stipulate employees’ dressing and behavioral standards.In addition, employees should consciously abide by the rules and regulations and business specifications of the enterprise.This will make the corporate image more positive, more professional and standardized employees.

Clear regulations and standards

In many companies, sexy underwear is clearly prohibited from wearing.This approach allows employees to have a clear standard and regulations to avoid making mistakes in the workplace.Through the enforcement of prescribed regulations, employees will gradually realize their responsibilities and obligations in their careers.

Employee’s ability to self -protect

In order to avoid similar problems, employees should enhance their legal awareness and legal knowledge.They can seek help or consulting lawyers from the company’s human resources department in order to solve the problems in time.

Demonstration of leadership

Leaders should do a good job in terms of behavior and image.If the leader is wearing or sexy underwear in public, it will affect the behavior and image of subordinates, leading to similar problems.Therefore, leaders should always maintain their career image and demeanor.

in conclusion

From this little story, we should learn a lesson: career and private behavior should be separated.Sex underwear does have its value in some specific occasions, but in work occasions, wearing sexy underwear will attract the attention of others and constantly interfere with the work of yourself and others.Therefore, we should respect our careers and avoid unnecessary trouble.

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