Shrimp Skin Thailand can make sexy underwear

Shrimp Skin Thailand can make sexy underwear

The development of Thai shrimp skin

Shrimp skin was originally a common seasoning in Malaysia, and later spread to some countries in Southeast Asia. Thailand was one of them.

As a country with a long history, Thailand is also related to its catering culture. The Thai catering industry has always been very prosperous, and shrimp skin is one of the common seasoning in Thai cuisine.

How to make shrimp skin

虾皮是由新鲜的虾类加工而成,包括虾的头、虾的壳等等,处理过程比较繁琐,需要将虾进行清洗、晒干、磨成颗粒等等,最后再进行包装就制成了Shrimp skin.

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The quality of shrimp skin depends on the rigor of fresh shrimp and manufacturing process, so good shrimp skin is often expensive, but the taste is more delicious.

Application of shrimp skin in Thailand

In Thailand, shrimp skin is one of the very popular ingredients. Many local dishes use shrimp skin as seasoning.

In addition to being a cooking ingredients, shrimp skin can also be made into snacks, and shrimp skin is also used in some traditional handicrafts.

The application of shrimp skin in sexy underwear

Some small companies in Thailand have begun to apply shrimp skin to the production of sexy underwear. This sexy underwear is called "shrimp skin erotic underwear".

The sexy underwear under this special production process has some very special texture and feelings, and it is also full of the mood of Southeast Asia.

Shrimp Skin sexy underwear production process

Because shrimp skin is a hand -made product, it is also cumbersome in the production process, and it needs to be completed through multiple steps.

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First of all, you need to make the shrimp skin material, and then hand -cut and sew it according to the design details. Finally, the quality inspection must be performed in order to package it.

Shrimp Skin’s Selling Sales

Shrimp Skin Fun Underwear is currently a niche market. The main sales targets are some special sexy underwear enthusiasts and collectors.

However, due to its unique manufacturing process and special texture, recognition and market demand gradually improved.

Applicable crowd of shrimp and sexy underwear

Shrimp Skin Info Underwear is suitable for those who pursue special and novelty underwear lovers, and they are also suitable for those couples or couples who want to find other ways to play.

In addition to some special texture and feelings, Shrimp Funwear has some different kinds of Southeast Asian moods, which is also suitable for those who love exotic atmosphere.

The advantages and disadvantages of shrimp skin sexy underwear

The advantage of shrimp skin and sexy underwear is that its material is unique and the production process is very unique, which can give people a different feeling.

The disadvantage is that its market is relatively small and may not be suitable for everyone’s taste.

The price of shrimp skin erotic underwear

The price of shrimp skin and sexy underwear is different due to the brand and production process. Generally speaking, 200-500 yuan.

The future trend of shrimp skin sex lingerie

Shrimp Skin Fun underwear is a relatively niche market, but its unique manufacturing process and texture give people a deep impression. In the future, as people’s demand for sexy underwear will increase, more brands will launch their own own own to launch their own own.Shrimp Skin Fun underwear products.


Shrimp Skin’s Influence is a relatively special erotic underwear making method. It has its own unique material and manufacturing technology.

Although its market is relatively small, with the influence of various factors such as the sexy underwear market, it also has certain future development prospects.