Simple and easy -to -understand erotic underwear shop name

Simple and easy -to -understand erotic underwear shop name

Simple and easy -to -understand erotic underwear shop name


Interest underwear is one of the more popular products in modern life.However, buying sexy underwear is often confusing.The store name conveys the concept of brand and products in a simple and beautiful way, making it easier for customers to think of and buy.This article will introduce a few simple and easy -to -understand sexy underwear shop names.

1. Sexy angel

The name of this store describes the feeling of sexy lingerie on her body, making women wearing it feel confident and sexy like angels.The store name is short and smart, easy to remember, and clear product positioning.

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2. velvet lover

The name of this store uses velvet as a metaphor, suggesting the softness and smoothness of sexy underwear.At the same time, the word lovers added a romantic atmosphere.The store is beautiful but simple, and has the basic attributes of sexy underwear.

3. Desire Island

Desire Island is a short and vivid store name. It depicts customers the temptation and desire to buy sexy underwear.The store name can arouse the curiosity of customers and strengthen the impression of their brand in the subtle way.

4. Swoki

This store’s name uses the rhyme of foreign brands, which looks high -end.At the same time, Swaqi is not directly related to sexy underwear, but it can cause people’s curiosity and increase style and recognition.

5. Vanilla planet

The taste of vanilla is always tied to relaxed and happy.Vanilla planet uses this pleasant element as the name of the store, reminiscent of people in a vibrant and unusual planet.The store name is fresh and concise, stimulating customers’ interest in purchasing.

6. Beautiful woman

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The name of this store shows a noble and elegant feeling, showing the female characteristics of the sexual underwear style.Gorgeous is a poetic word, which makes people feel elegant, charming and mysterious.

7. Modern women

Modern women have got rid of the previous restraint and constraints, and have become independent people with their own rights.This store name uses modern women to represent their own brand image, so that female customers feel confident and independent when buying sexy underwear.

8. Gorgeous and temptation

Gorgeous and temptation are a powerful and vivid store name.Gorgeous depicts the beauty and gorgeousness of sexy underwear, and at the same time, the temptation increases the sexy level of the store name.This store is smooth, powerful and eye -catching.


The name of the store is the soul of a brand, which can convey the brand’s ideas and feelings.The above -mentioned simple and easy -to -understand erotic underwear shop names can convey the brand image and idea of the store in a few words, attract more customers to buy sexy underwear.