Simple erotic underwear production tutorial picture

Simple erotic underwear production tutorial picture

Material preparation

To make a simple sexy underwear, you need a stretch stockings, some lace, try to choose good quality materials to ensure the comfort and beauty of the underwear.

Tailor -made

First, confirm your size and prepare a piece of paper and a pen.Stand straight, put your hands on both sides of your body, and let a helper tailor you from behind you.From the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the chest, from below the chest to the hip, then from the hip to ankle.Record these sizes on paper to prepare for underwear.

Cutting lace edge

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According to the record size, the lace cuts the side according to the corresponding length.For inlaid underwear design, lace is also needed to cut on the corresponding shape.


Tie the elastic stockings into a circle, and then suture the lace on the elastic stockings. You can use a sewing machine or handmade sewing.Start from the upper part and move to the lower part.If you need to sewn the inner lining, you can place the lining on the side of the lace and the elastic stockings.

Create a sexy back

In order to make underwear more charming, you can design a sexy hollow effect on the back.Cut the elastic stockings and keep the upper and lower parts.Use scissors to cut out the appropriate shape and size, and then suture the back of the underwear.


The shoulder strap is a highlight of sexy underwear. You can design a chic shoulder strap according to your preferences and styles.You can choose to use lace, or inlaid decorations such as bead chains on the shoulder straps to create a more attractive shoulder effect.

Shiny details

The small details on the underwear can add points to the overall effect.You can decorate the shiny beads or rhinestones on the edge of the lace, or install metal ring buckles such as metal ring buckles on the underwear.

Sexy Costumes


Buy a suitable fragrance and spray an appropriate amount of aroma on underwear.Let the entire underwear emit an incredible appeal.

Trial adjustment

After completing the production of underwear, try it on and adjust it.Confirm that the size is appropriate, whether the shoulder straps and straps are comfortable, whether the chest is straight, and whether the fit of the upper and lower part is suitable.If you need to adjust slightly, you can use a sewing machine or handmade sewing to improve the underwear again.


After a few hours of labor, a perfect sexy underwear is completed.Put it on it to show yourself charming sexy and charm.

Making sexy underwear is not only an interesting thing, it is also an important way to show its sexy.The process is not complicated. Just patience and trust in yourself can create the most suitable sexy underwear.