Simple erotic underwear production tutorial

Simple erotic underwear production tutorial

Choose a fabric

Interest underwear is a sexy, personality, and unique clothing, so you need to choose a suitable fabric.For example, silk, lace, red, etc. are classic sexy underwear materials.

Measure the body size

In order to make appropriate sexy underwear, the body size needs to be measured, including bust, waist, hips, etc.You can use a soft ruler or sewing ruler to measure.

Design drawings and tailoring

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Draw the initial style on the paper, and then use scissors to cut the fabric according to the drawings to make the corresponding shape.Make sure some additional fabrics are left to prepare from time to time.


Combine the tailored fabrics together, and then suture with a sewing machine or manual.Make sure to use proper coils, do not use too thick or too thin coils.

Add accessory

According to your preferences, add accessories on sex underwear, such as lace, sequins, pearls or other decorations.Be sure to pay attention to the decoration evenly, do not make the sexy underwear look too crowded or depressed.

Adjust the size

When the sexy lingerie is formed, it needs to be tried and adjusted for the necessary dimensions.If necessary, you can use a sewing machine or manually adjust the size of the sexy underwear to ensure that it is suitable for your figure.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear is very important because they are affected by sweat, oil and other impurities.Put it in a dedicated laundry bag and wash it in a gentle water or use the washing machine to gently clean.Remember to use a mild detergent.

Fetish Wear

Way of wear

You need to pay attention to some details when wearing sexy underwear. For example, do not adjust the shoulder strap too loose or too tight, keep the underwear appropriately.At the same time, pay attention to the matching of underwear and coats, and choose the right accessories and shoes to improve the overall effect.


Making sexy underwear can be an interesting activity and can customize sexy and variety of clothing for individuals.However, pay attention to using safety tools when making fun underwear and prepare for a long time for production.As long as you persist, you will have a perfect, personalized sexy underwear.