Small chest shows big sexy underwear women’s extremely pollution temptation

Small chest shows big sexy underwear women's extremely pollution temptation

How to choose a style suitable for small breasts from sex underwear

When the small breasts choose to buy sexy underwear, they often encounter an embarrassing problem: a lot of styles look sexy, but after putting it on, they cannot have the effect of showing their chests.In response to this problem, there are several sexy underwear types to choose from:

Concentrated sexy underwear

Concentrated sexy underwear is specially designed for women with small breasts. It adopts a special covering and gathering method. It can gather the chest to the middle, so as to form a sense of bulging on the chest and make the chest look fuller.In addition, cute lace decoration or popular print elements will make you more fashionable.

Push -pull -type sexy underwear

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Pushing -type sexy underwear is mainly to increase the effect of the chest by adjusting the special pads in the adjustable shoulder strap or the bra.By increasing appropriate fillers or removable pads, the chest can look fuller.In addition, you can also choose products with lace or satin, so that your skin can be taken good care.

Clothes -type sexy underwear

Uniform sexy underwear is suitable for girls who want to be more sexy and want to show their chests. This underwear will be close to the body, and the chest is highlighted through the tight effect.In addition, uniform sexy underwear can also adjust body lines to make your figure look more charming.

Chest sticker

If you don’t want to wear underwear, you can also try to use chest stickers.The chest stickers can be used below, above, or on both sides. After stickers, it can effectively highlight your chest, while retaining effective breathability, making you more comfortable and comfortable.


In addition to the above -mentioned interest underwear types, there are some precautions that need to be kept in mind:

When buying sexy underwear, please measure your bust and lower circumference, and try to buy a size that is in line with your figure.

Pay attention to color and material when selecting styles.Light, transparent, or bright materials are easier to look larger.


You need to choose the right material, which is conducive to fitting the body and comfortable breathability.

Pay attention to dressing, consider the style of matching with a shirt or skirt.


From the type of sexy underwear to precautions, choosing a style that suits you is the key.Girls in small breasts may wish to try concentrated bra or push -pull underwear, and pay attention to choosing suitable colors and materials to wear their sexy.