Sweater vest transformation of sexy underwear pictures


Interest underwear has become an indispensable fashion item for some people who love beauty and pursuing fashion, giving people different feelings and experiences.However, the sexy underwear style on the market is single, the price is expensive, and the workmanship is average.Next, I will introduce a method of simple, money -saving, but the effect of not losing sexy underwear on the market -using sweater vests to transform sex underwear.


It is very simple to transform a piece of preparation materials for sexy underwear, just a sweater vest.It is recommended to choose a dark, sloppy, wide -shoulder strap sweater vest, which is thinner.Choosing a large belly woman should pay attention to avoiding the V -neck style.


First of all, we need to completely reduce the sweater vest and keep their original line heads and hair edges.The line head and wool edges can become the embellishment of sexy underwear, and you can choose to keep, cut or move.


Next, we need to put the cut sweater vest on a flat surface and cut it into the desired shape according to our own design.It can be tailored at will to meet our sexy and beautiful requirements.


Cut the cut sweater vest into the sexy underwear we want.You can choose to sew with your own line head, and the color of the line can also be selected at will.


We can decorate some hair edges, lace edges and other decorations on sexy underwear to increase their fashion and sexy level.Of course, we can also move or replace the original line head and wool edge that previously reserved, and finally form a unique beauty embellishment on sexy underwear.


Selection of clothes and underwear with sexy underwear also needs to consider the overall matching effect.You can choose the right underwear, stockings, etc. to set off the sexy and beauty of sexy underwear.


You need to pay attention to some matters when choosing a sweater vest.The first is the choice of size. Be sure to choose the size suitable for you. Too large or too small will affect the transformation effect.In addition, when the transformation, you need to design a good design, carefully consider cutting the original form into the shape you want to ensure the beauty and adaptability of the sexy underwear.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of sweater vests to transform sex underwear are its simple, money -saving and effective effects.Compared to the sexy underwear on the market, we can design and transform according to our own needs to achieve a higher cost -effective effect.The disadvantage is that we require that we have certain tailor design skills, which may be difficult for people with insufficient professionalism.

in conclusion

Sweater vests transform sex underwear are a simple and very practical way that can meet our sexy and fashionable needs. It is especially suitable for women who love DIY, pursue personality, and like to save clothes.You might as well try it and make a sexy and charming sexy underwear in your own way.

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