TAE Expo Falling Underwear Show

TAE Expo Falling Underwear Show

Background introduction

Recently, Chiang Mai has held a TAE Expo. It has demonstrated cutting -edge scientific and technological achievements in multiple fields such as intelligent technology, digital printing, and smart home. One of them is a sexy underwear show.Let’s explore what are the highlights of this show.

Theme design

As we all know, as a sexual tool, sexy underwear is very artistic and irritating.In this show, the theme design is more than people’s preferences and strengthen the temperament of sexy costumes, so as to better attract the audience.

Different materials

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There are many materials for sexy underwear, but in this show, the main presentation is exquisite lace and the silk and velvet, which is popular with women, which not only meets the aesthetic needs of modern fashion, but also reflects the clothing designer’s designer of the clothing designercreativity.

Multi -style

In addition to making breakthroughs in materials, various styles are also reflected in this show.These include fresh and cute girl style, quiet and elegant style, as well as teasing charming and sexy styles. This diversity is also an important means to break the routine and increase attractiveness.

Diverse color

Another prominent highlight of the sexy lingerie show is: colorful color.Different colors have different representative significance, and the combination of color can also bring different visual effects.For example, red represents huge passion and desire, and blue represents gentleness and calmness. These designs reflect the flexible taste.

Display of cutting -edge technology

As mentioned above, sexy underwear is a sexual tool, so how can the best effect when model display?This sex underwear show showed cutting -edge technology and adopted virtual, holographic, projection and other technologies, so that the audience felt the feeling and experience of sexy underwear "in the immersive".

Unique expression

Unlike the conventional show, the fun underwear show has also improved greatly in the form of expression.The clothing designers integrate their design concepts into the extreme experience, and the holographic three -dimensional shape first reappears the real effect in the physical model, so as to achieve endless visual and sensory stimuli.


Pay attention to the stage effect

Whether it is a traditional show or a sexy underwear show, the stage effect is very important.In this exhibition, the fun underwear show also focused on the stage effect and music matching. By lighting up the special effects such as lighting, projection and animation to shape different scenes and atmosphere.

The strength of the contestants

The strength of the models and designers who participated in the show cannot be ignored. They use their strong strength and professional attitude to Xiu Zengcai, making the entire exhibition more topical and attractive.


The above is the highlight of the sexy underwear show in the TAE Expo. It can be seen that this show has received widespread attention and participation, and also reflects the huge potential of special products such as sexy underwear.In the future, we look forward to these highlights to continue to play a role and make this special fashion industry go further.