Taiwan’s earliest sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a costume that stimulates women’s sexual desire. It admires the freedom and confidence of women’s desire.However, in the past few decades, interest underwear has been constantly changing, evolution and evolution, and has become a major popularity in the adult product market today.

The earliest Taiwanese sexy underwear

In Taiwan, it is the first company to produce sexy underwear. Founded in 1985.At that time, the sexy lingerie style was mainly sexy lace panties and bra, mainly couples and married couples who were facing sexual sex.

The innovation of permanent sex lingerie

In the 1990s, it began to try more innovative designs, and launched a fluorescent dress inlaid with a full body, with glowing milk harvests, legs and thongs.These innovative designs make it permanently become the best in Taiwan’s sexy underwear.

Become a sign of gender equality

Entering the 21st century, more women began to pay attention to their sexual life and pursue high -quality sexy underwear.The concept of permanently advocated the concept of paying attention to female sex and gender equality has been widely recognized, making sexy underwear a symbol of gender equality.

The influence of European and American sexy underwear

It is permanently influenced by European and American sexy underwear, and began to launch more more quality and stylish sexy underwear. These new styles are welcomed by more young women.

The difference between sexy underwear and sexy clothing

Interest underwear is different from sexy clothing. The former is to inspire sexual desire, and the latter is to show the beautiful body lines.And sex underwear is always for female users, pursuing problems such as gender discrimination and objectized women.

The material and style of sexy underwear

The material selection of sexy underwear is very important. It requires delicate and soft, and it also needs elasticity and breathability.Common materials include cotton, silk, lace and linen.The style of sexy underwear is also sampled, such as three -point erotic underwear, sexy swimsuit, back straps and belts, and so on.

Positioned in high -end markets

Unlike his interesting underwear, permanent interest underwear is positioned in high -end markets, focusing on design and quality.Now, permanent sexy underwear has high popularity and cultural connotation, becoming a "luxury brand" in Taiwan’s sex underwear industry.

Combined with the development of technology

In recent years, the latest technology has been permanently added, and technologies such as 3D printing, optical engraving are used to launch sexy custom erotic lingerie to meet customer needs.Now every woman can customize their favorite sexy underwear forever.

Contribute to sexual blessings of gender

Permanent erotic underwear is not only providing customers with sexy and beautiful clothing, but also contributes to sexual blessings through this industry.Therefore, the positioning of permanent erotic underwear is becoming more and more firm, making more contributions and welcomed by more customers.


Permanent erotic underwear is one of the earliest sexy underwear manufacturers in Taiwan.After its establishment, the company has continued to innovate and launched high -quality sexy lingerie styles. It has now become one of the signs of global gender equality and progress of sex.Through the continuous development of technology and the in -depth excavation of brand connotation, permanent erotic underwear will continue to provide customers with better services and contribute to both sexual blessings.

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