Tanmei is passed on to sexy underwear

1. Yanmei has been integrated into our lives

Yanmei Shou is a very common vocabulary, refers to the crowd of gay or corresponding fields.In Tanmei’s works such as literature, comics, movies, etc., various plots often appear, and recently this plot has extended to passion -passing underwear.In the past, it was mostly used for women or couples. Now, more and more Yanmei is choosing to pass love underwear to express her needs and interests.

2. Transplant emotions through passing sexy underwear

Putting on a messy underwear, not only to meet your needs, but also to convey emotions by passing sex lingerie.Many Tanmei is expressed by wearing the same sexy underwear to express the emotion and trust between each other.Passing emotions by passing through sexy underwear is not just a way of expression, but also a beautiful way to communicate.

3. Design of passing sex underwear

The design of sexy underwear is very flexible and diverse. It can be designed according to different needs and has corresponding functions.For example, some emotional underwear has the function of adjusting the figure; some love underwear is used to embellish the skin; some are used to stimulate sexual desire.Different sexy underwear design has different characteristics, which can meet the needs of different people.

4. The color of the sexy underwear

Color is an important element for passing sexy underwear, and different colors represent different meanings.For example, the black transmission of sexy underwear represents sexy and temptation; red transmission of sexy underwear represents enthusiasm and unrestrained; pink transmission of sexy underwear represents romance and sweetness.When you choose to pass the color of sexy underwear, you must choose according to your needs and style.

5. Material of passing sex underwear

The material of the sexy underwear is also very important. Different materials represent different texture and comfort.For example, the silk of the silk is soft and comfortable to make the skin comfortable; the lace’s transmission of sexy underwear is full of women’s charm and sexy.Moreover, different materials have different elasticity and breathability, and need to be selected according to their own needs.

6. The size of the sexy underwear

Size is an important factor in choosing sexy underwear, because only the appropriate size can make you feel comfortable and confident.Different brands of sexy underwear may be different. You need to measure yourself and then choose.At the same time, the size will also change due to different materials, so you need to choose carefully.

7. How to match the sexy underwear with clothing

Different sexy underwear can be matched with different clothing, showing different styles in different occasions.For example, you can wear lace -passing underwear with a long jacket to show a feeling of daily leisure; you can also wear black transmission of sexy underwear with leather pants, showing a sexy atmosphere.You need to choose according to the occasion and your favorite style.

8. Maintenance method of passing sex underwear

The maintenance method of making fun underwear is also very important. It is easy to destroy the appearance and texture of the fun underwear without paying attention to maintenance.It is recommended that you wash and pass the fun underwear to avoid using soap or laundry liquid. After washing, the water should be completely squeezed to avoid exposure.At the same time, when storing interesting underwear, you must hung the sexy underwear on the hanger to avoid folding.

9. Pursue beauty and self -confidence

Choosing love underwear is not just to pursue sexy and temptation, but more importantly, pursuing beauty and confidence.Everyone wants to become more beautiful and confident, and wearing their favorite sexy underwear can make you show your best side.

10. Conclusion

As an emerging culture, it has attracted the attention of many people.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your needs and preferences, and you should also pay attention to the size and maintenance method of passing the sexy underwear.The most important thing is that wearing sexy underwear to pursue beauty and self -confidence to show your best side.

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