Taobao bold welfare sexy underwear pictures


Taobao is a well -known shopping website. Whether it is clothing or shoes, there are a lot of buyers.Sex underwear is part of the aesthetic needs of modern women, and the sexy underwear market on Taobao is also very hot.This article will introduce some sexy underwear pictures of some bold welfare on Taobao, as well as their characteristics and applicable scenarios.

Sexy perspective underwear

Sexy perspective underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. According to different materials and designs, it can show the effect from slightly translucent to semi -transparent.Some styles are bolder, and the multi -layer mesh or lace design is made, which makes people feel without the sense of concealment.This erotic underwear is suitable for bedding or erotic Play, which can inspire the other party’s visual impact.

Ultra -short sex underwear

Unlike conventional underwear, ultra -short sex underwear follows the design of fully exposed key parts.This sexual underwear reduces the area of the fabric to the extreme, and enlarge the exposure effect by using see -through materials.Lace fabrics and sub -light fabrics are usually used. These underwear are very sexy on the body, especially suitable for showing legs or hip curves.Of course, wearing it with flirting will be stimulated.

Butterfly red lips sexy underwear

Butterfly red lips sexy underwear is a relatively classic sexy underwear. The color and style are more important. The former is usually red or black, and the latter uses wings and lip -shaped design.This sexy underwear is more suitable for charming and noble women. It is more charm of charm and temperament wearing it.

Tube top suspender sex underwear

After wearing a tube top suspender sex lingerie, it shows a perfect straight line, which is very three -dimensional, and it will also look slender.This sexy underwear can be perfectly exposed, and it is easier for people to appreciate the bump curve of the body through different skirt design.

Leather products sexy sheets

Leather is an important material in the field of sexy underwear. It gives a unique feeling, which is more common in SM toys and interesting props.These sexy underwear takes black or red leather as the main tone. Both texture and color are very coordinated, and they are more common in dress occasions and leather parties.

Ballet sexy skirt

The ballet sexy skirt feels very gentle. Compared with other sexy lingerie styles, it lacks some explicit atmosphere.This kind of sexy underwear mainly adopts the splicing design of lace and mesh. By getting rid of the rigid and lack of design, it has pulled women to a very soft and intimate area.

Milk sticker

Milk stickers are a special sexy underwear. Unlike traditional sexy underwear, they completely separated from bras, thus achieving a more explicit and teasing effect.Milk stickers can have different colors, shapes and styles, such as triangles, circles, or patterns.This sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to expose their breasts.

Transparent bath robe sexy underwear

The transparent bath robe sexy underwear has evolved from the traditional robe, and its characteristic is that it has a sense of transparency.This kind of sexy underwear is usually used with sub -light fabrics, and the color is based on light tone. In this way, you can see some curves of the body, and sometimes you can even see the dripping of the water droplets after the shower.Transparent bath robe sexy underwear is suitable for some erotic play in the bathroom.

Lace three -point sexy underwear

Lace three -point erotic underwear is a very classic sexy underwear. It consists of three parts: cup, underwear and suspender. Usually, large lace and sub -optical fabric are superimposed to enhance fashion.This erotic underwear has a very strong Gothic style element, suitable for women who pursue individuality and brand.


The sexy underwear market on Taobao platform is very rich and diverse.However, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. You should give priority to your preferences and needs.Finding a sexy lingerie style and wearing it can better express your sexy charm and personality.

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