Taobao model shoots sexy underwear

Taobao model shoots sexy underwear

There are many sexy underwear shops on the Taobao platform. The sales of these shops focus on the display of sexy underwear models.The different quality of the model will directly affect the sales of the product.Therefore, many erotic underwear shops show the product by spending money to ask for good models to increase the exposure of the product.

Model shooting standard

Taobao sex underwear shops usually require the model to be above 165cm, and the figure is better and the proportion is coordinated.In addition, the skin’s skin should be delicate and smooth, proving that they focus on maintenance and healthy diet.In addition, the temperament of the model is also very important, full of confident aura and sweet smiles can attract buyers well.

Shooting scene and props

The scene of sexy underwear is usually simple, usually a white background wall.Choose color in the background, because this can better make the sexy underwear prominent.In addition, when shooting sexy underwear, you need to use some small props to set off the atmosphere, such as roses and velvet blankets.The props should be simple without losing the details, so as to add temperament and personality to sex underwear.

Clothing and choice

The matching of sexy underwear is usually matched according to the main format. For example, you can choose sexy three -point or sexy and transparent jacket in sexy underwear.The main style must be consistent with the clothes itself, so as to avoid negative interference with vision.

Makeup and hairstyle

In sexy underwear shooting, makeup and hairstyle work is also very important.Make -up makeup makes them look more feminine and sexy, and at the same time, avoid heavy and too fancy makeup.The model’s hairstyle is usually long hair, which can be combed into romantic curly hair, or the long hair of Liu Hai Liu Bo.

Legend angle and shooting skills

Pay attention to the angle of the lens and shooting techniques of shooting sex underwear.The shooting angle is mainly positive, sides, and back, and the shooting skills are to show the sexy and attractiveness of sexy underwear through the special effects of the lens.When shooting the back, you need to avoid excessive exposure and try to show the curve beauty of the back.


After the shooting is completed, post -production is also required.In the later production, it is mainly to adjust the color, proportions and light details of the PS of the photo to further enhance the display effect of sexy underwear.In addition, different effects and styles need to be made according to the requirements of the merchant.

Model cost and remuneration

The cost of sexy underwear models varies from factors such as regional, experience and quality.Generally speaking, Taobao sex underwear shop medium gear is 400-800 yuan/day, which is generally charged in one day.The model’s salary is also affected by factors such as merchants and buyers’ comments. Therefore, the model must be confident in shooting and treat each buyer to become a popular sexy underwear model on Taobao.

Tips in model shooting

In sexy underwear shooting, the model also needs to follow some tips.First of all, you must maintain sufficient sleep and diet before shooting to ensure that your mental state is good.In addition, before wearing underwear, we must first perform simple massage and stretching exercises to relieve physical fatigue.Finally, in the process of shooting, pay attention not to be too hard, and try to show the natural state and feeling.

Value of value

Sex underwear model shooting requires comprehensive factors, and models need to have professional skills and confident aura.At the same time, merchants also need to work hard on the choice and shooting methods of models in order to provide buyers with better products and services.Everything needs to be balanced and coordinated. Only in this way can the sexy underwear industry get healthy development.

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