Taobao sells sexy underwear store name

Explore the phenomenon of selling sexy underwear stores on Taobao

As a Taobao user who loves shopping, you will definitely become interested in the category of sexy underwear.However, when you search for this keyword on Taobao, you will find that a large number of shop names that are full of screens look similar.Why does this phenomenon appear?

The owner understands the differences in business

As an online shopping platform, Taobao will inevitably occur to the different degrees of regulation of sellers.Some shopkeepers may lack understanding of sexy underwear. They are just pursuing popular keywords, rather than truly understand business characteristics.Therefore, when they opened the shop, they simply used the keywords related to them, forming a seemingly similar store name.

Inadequate market regulations

Although the market for sex underwear is not a emerging field in China, there are unpredictable aspects, such as the standards of the market.Today, groups such as sexy underwear are becoming more younger, and proper specifications will help its development.At present, market regulation is relatively weak. Some illegal merchants can do whatever they want to infringe the rights and interests of normal merchants, thereby disturbing the market order.

The brand effect is relatively insufficient

Compared with other industries, sex underwear lacks corresponding well -known brands on the market’s impact on the market.Even the sexy underwear brands that are gradually developing and growing have not been widely recognized in the public view.Conversely, facing multiple problems such as cross -border channels and supervision, it is difficult for brands to achieve centralized management and global marketing.

Store name and product relationship

Interest underwear is stronger, sexy, and personality. The name and products of the store complement each other, which will impress consumers.In order to simply, some shop owners will use more common sexy underwear -related keywords in the store to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers.Although there are certain problems, it can improve the exposure of the store to a certain extent.

Similarity of shop name translation and appearance

Since Taobao is an open platform, global merchants can sell goods on Taobao.Therefore, some shop owners will choose to use foreign language characters that have nothing to do with themselves.In this way, the diversification of the store name is invisible, but it also increases the similarity of the appearance.

The lack of original name of the store

On the Taobao platform, it seems that high traffic and access to the store name according to the keywords related to sex underwear have become a unhappy normal.More and more shop owners have begun to lack innovation and seek comfortable options to avoid the creativity and original lack of originality.Therefore, in such shops, the similarities of the store’s name have also increased.

The correlation between the name of the store and the quality

After analysis, it is not difficult to find that the name of the store is very related to the product.In a standardized market, the names of different stores can reflect their product quality, positioning and different characteristics.In the field of sexy underwear, the actual meaning of some store names may more accurately convey the characteristics of the product, thereby attracting target customers.

Store name and corporate culture and development direction

Regardless of which industry, a company’s store name is an important manifestation of its own culture.In terms of product innovation and cultural transmission, sex underwear has obvious personalized needs, and the name of the store name and corporate culture and development are closely related.In this case, the store name will largely affect the outside world’s awareness of the characteristics of the store.

The impact of store brand upgrades on the store name

For a sexy underwear brand that has long -term planning for brand development, the update and replacement of store names are not unavoidable.Through the upgrade of store brand, we can provide consumers with better services and brands, and we can also position and market more accurately.


Although there are many similar sexy underwear shop names on Taobao, the reasons are diverse.Different store owners understand the way of business is closely related to their creativity, and the name and quality of the store and the quality of the corporate culture are more in -depth.In order to better improve the experience of consumers and promote the healthy development of the sexy underwear industry, stores should pay attention to creativity, standardization and prudential to improve the cognitiveness and professionalism of the store.

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