Taobao sex lingerie pictures frozen

Background introduction

Recently, some netizens broke the news that when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, I found that some of the pictures of some products could not be loaded or were "frozen" by the system, and users could not browse normally.This situation has aroused dissatisfaction and doubts of consumers, and also affected sellers.

Cause Analysis

After survey and learned information, the reason why the pictures of sexy lingerie are frozen is caused by the Taobao platform reviewing and controlling sensitive content.In order to comply with national laws and regulations, the Taobao platform conducts strict review and control of sensitive content. However, there are errors and deficiencies in the audit system, resulting in some of the products that meet the prescribed products, which has frozen the pictures of the goods.

Impact Analysis

The pictures of sexy lingerie category are frozen, which has a varying degree of impact on consumers and sellers.For consumers, it is impossible to check the product pictures normally, cannot understand the quality and style of the product, and affect the consumer experience.For sellers, unable to display the pictures of the product, they cannot complete the sales, which directly affects the sales of the store.

The response measures of Taobao platform

For sexy underwear sellers that freeze pictures, the current solution of Taobao platform is to use platform customer service or green channels to quickly review and solve.This means that sellers need to contact customer service and provide relevant information about the product, such as product links, product descriptions, product names, etc., waiting for the platform to review the product pictures.However, this process takes time, and it is not much helpful for large -scale stores.

Merchant countermeasures

Due to the possibility of mistakes in the platform review, sellers can solve the problem of freezing pictures through multiple channels.For example, using WeChat and QQ social software circles to display products, or upload the picture to their own website, leave a website link on the Taobao product page, so that customers can check the specific product pictures from the website.


For consumers who buy sexy underwear, if the picture is frozen, they can actively contact the seller and ask the seller to provide pictures of other channels, or directly request a refund or exchange.At the same time, you can pay attention to offline physical stores of some sex products, and choose to buy directly in physical stores to avoid existing online risks.

consumer rights Protection

Although the Taobao platform is reasonable to review and control, it should also protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.For products involving copyright issues, they can be deleted, but for legal commodities, they should not affect consumers’ purchase and experience due to errors on the platform, and they should also protect the legal rights and interests of the seller.

Industry specifications

As a special product of sexy underwear, there should be special industry specifications to restrain.The specifications of the sexual supplies industry need to be more standardized and standardized, and the seller should consciously abide by relevant regulations to avoid misjudgment and unnecessary trouble in Taobao review.


The problem of sexy underwear category is not only the issue of Taobao platform on the Taobao platform on sensitive content management, audit and other systems, but also reflects the problems of the entire erotic underwear industry.From the perspective of consumers and sellers, they need to find their own strategies.In the long run, the entire industry needs to strengthen the standardized and standardized construction in order to better protect the rights and interests of consumers and sellers, as well as the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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